Happy New Year, Happy New Blog


HI! I am so excited to start this blogging adventure!!! I have never done a blog before so please bear with me. I want to start with the WHAT and WHY. Why blog? I figure it is a idealistic way to discuss, give opinions, and share awareness of the places, things, ideas and crazy shit I do. As some of you know, I own a mobile hair salon in the CT area. (Shout out to Shear Envy!!) In essence that means I bring a salon to you. I do all kinds of hair services, make up applications, spray tans, etc; right in your home. I have done hair professionally for the last 18 years and I am always being asked about hair products, new styles and stuff so I figure what better outlet than to blog about it. Now for the WHAT….What the hell am I going to talk about?….Everything! I will tell you about the places I go, the new places I try, the new makeup I wear, as well as my thoughts and ideas. Every time I try a new place, whether it be for food, my nails, clothes, etc; I think…I should tell people about this. Now I can. Aside from my babble, I have enlisted the help of my sister Shauna on this project. She is just as opinionated as I am and usually has just as much to say 🙂 I would love comments, feed back and ideas so feel free to throw them at us….Now let’s get this shit poppin!