Summer, Summer, Summertime

It appears that summer is almost upon us! I am super psyched that it is warm enough to swim in a pool in the month of May! I am not sure if any of you remember, but it snowed last year on May 1st. It seems as though Jesus put in a good word with God for me, and he has warmed us up. I am even more excited for summer, as I have now been in my house for a year and I got an early jump on my yard. I am blessed to have an amazing back yard with all kinds of cool stuff. One being a pool, the second being a garden!!!!! I am most excited for this. I know….those who know me are thinking…”she can’t possibly mean that she digs in the dirt?! She is in love with NYC”. Yes, my first love is a city HOWEVER, I am infatuated with planting stuff and growing vegetables. As I was in my yard this morning, I looked around and thought I need to do a blog post about some summer must haves and do’s. There is so much freaking awesome shit out there to do and see this summer and I want to make sure all  my readers know about the goods.

Here is my top 10 MUST HAVE things YOU need to own, do and see this summer:

#1 A really good SPRAY TAN. Now when I say really good…I mean for the love of all things holy…get a GOOD one. By this I do NOT mean do it yourself. I do NOT mean go to Tommy’s Tanning in that dreadful booth and ladies…put the tan in a tube down. You tan needs to come from an air gun, in a custom color suited for your skin. NOT in a lotion form that you streaked across your legs and have orange fingers as a result.  I know…way harsh. You will thank me. If you are interested in a REALLY GOOD spray, call me (203) 687-7397, Turns out my business Shear Envy will come to you, set up a tent in your damn kitchen, mix you up a custom concoction and make you a freaking bronzed goddess. It is an all natural spray that lasts about a week. (No, you will not be orange or the color of Snookie circa Jersey Shore era) I should add that because I care about you all being a bronze goddess, I am offering a special. Buy 3, get one free. Contact me for deets.

#2 A kick ass new NAIL AND TOE POLISH COLOR. top 10 summer blogI mean colors like this. I literally bought ALL of these colors because they are so fab I couldn’t decide. Go get a bright and incredible color you would not normally wear and live out of your comfort zone… least until September. (Want to know where I got them…..just ask)

#3 HAREM PANTS….My husband is dying inside over these. He hates them. He calls me everything from Aladdin, to Jeanie, to MC Hammer. I love them. They are HUGE right now. summer blog summer blog #2I had to post 2 pics in case you missed the first. This can be worn casual (Pic A) or dressed up (Pic B)I got mine on Amazon. You need to own this. It is super comfy and looks great on all  body types. GO GET IT!!!

#4 A good BEACH CHAIR. Please, I beg you…..leave the fitted sheets from your bed at home. On your bed. No one wants to see you lugging out the old, fitted sheet that you were going to throw away of all places…at the beach. Get a freaking beach chair. Just think…they have chairs with cup holders and even a place for your tablet/kindle….which launches us to #5…summer blog #3

#5 an E-READER/TABLET/KINDLE. I hope that you are reading this and thinking…who doesn’t have this?! If you don’t, it will change your life. I was one that was stuck on actual books forever. I would go on vacation and lug a book with me. I would insist on buying big, bulky books from a bookstore and after reading it in a day or 2, it would go sit on a shelf to collect dust. My husband has changed my life for the better and got me a tablet. You need this. You can read your fav book, mag or catch up on facebook while basking in the sun. summer blog #4

#6 A well constructed BATHING SUIT. I will keep this short….Ladies….I say this to keep you from embarrassing yourselves….No, I am not talking about having the perfect body..I am talking about your boobs. Once you hit a certain age and bra size….you have to give up that tiny, non constructed triangle top bathing suit. Your boobs are sagging. They are spilling out. They are obnoxious. Check out aerin rose or sorella swim for an awesome suit.AERINROSE-COLLECTIONS-BANNER-2015

#7 Gluten free, Dairy free CIAO BELLA SORBETTO. Yes I have sorbetto on my list of summer must haves. I recently found out I have a bunch of food allergies. My allergies include dairy, eggs and gluten, among other things. I find this out just in time for all the ice cream shops to open. Turns out… a lot more peeps have these same allergies. If you do, or just want to eat a new treat..check this stuff out. Comes in 10 flavors and is part of this cool NON GMO project. My fav flavor….Dark Cocoa. DarkCocoa

#8 GROW SOMETHING. I know..I am hooked on this whole garden thing. I am no saying to go put on crocs and overalls and get dirty…but at the very least, go buy a basil plant. Nothing like fresh herbs to make your cooking taste even better! summer blog #5

#9 Take a WEEKEND TRIP or even a DAY TRIP to a place you have never been. Go on and score a cheap night or 2 at an awesome place. Do it. Don’t think about it..just do it. You live one life…you can organize your closet, clean your house, mow the lawn and work some other time. summer blog #6 summer blog #7

#10 Go get yourself a pair of sparkly, girly, outlandish SANDALS. There is no better feeling than putting those freshly pedicured toes in a new pair of sandals. Whether it be strap on, lace up or just slide on…..make sure they a fun to wear. It is cold weather here in CT for months….we don’t get to wear sandals for long. That being said I know I am sick to death of looking at my black boots. I am craving bright and full on sparkle. Head to your nearest or and strap on a pair!!! summer blog #9 summer blog #8I hope this list makes you want to at least try to go somewhere new, wear something different, eat sorbetto and most importantly do something for you, this summer. xoxo-Tara

Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

This year I will be celebrating Mother’s Day, as my husband and I are pregnant with our first child! I do realize that my child is still in utero, but I think it’s time to do a little celebrating – nothing big – but next year my husband had better go all out (gift ideas have already been suggested). I have thought about how I was going to compose this post for quite some time, as it originally focused on infertility (and well it still might be) as my husband and I struggled with it for the past two years. I have been working up the courage to discuss it openly and I was beyond shocked that my possible last IVF attempt actually worked! Infertility is a very real problem for many couples and unfortunately is not widely discussed. I will be the first person to admit that I am one of those people. I am sure there are so many other women out there, even reading this, that have struggled with infertility. Yet none of us discuss it. And I mean NO ONE. Yes it is highly personal and most people don’t enjoy everyone knowing your business. Especially if you have multiple failed IUI (Intrauterine Insemination and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) attempts – it is hard enough to deal with it individually as a couple, let alone then have to update everyone that it did not work. But then again if we talked about it more openly maybe we could support each other more!  What inspired me was an article I read by Bobbie Thomas, a Style Editor, aka “Professional Girlfriend,” for the Today Show, more specifically The Kathie Lee and Hoda Show. I do not watch the show (that whole working thing gets in the way) but somehow I caught her story via the Today Show or the Kathie Lee and Hoda Facebook page. Bobbie is a brave and courageous women who openly shared her story about IVF after one too many comments concerning her weight (a definite side effect of IVF hormones among many others).  Please take a minute to read it  as some of you can definitely relate and others can learn more about the about the process: Bobbie is an IVF success story as she received a BFP (Big Fat Positive) Pregnancy test after 4 IVF cycles.  IVFers don’t get the option of peeing on a stick,but rather have blood drawn in the morning and then wait all day to receive the results from one of the nurses. IVF is all about waiting – for a landslide of doctor’s appointments, for large boxes of hormones and syringes to be delivered, for your ovaries to respond, for your eggs to be retrieved (the worst part), for your eggs to hopefully be fertilized and live for a period of 3-5 days, then for you eggs to be transferred followed by the two weeks waiting period for a pregnancy test to see if it actually worked! Talk about exhausting – I am even exhausted typing it! With all that said I wouldn’t be here today without IVF and feel extremely lucky I only had to go through 3 cycles – many couples can go through the process multiple times yielding  unsuccessful results – talk about heartbreaking. IVF can be a cold, lonely place where no one understands what you are going through or feeling, unless you, yourself have been there. A big thank you to a great friend who supported me throughout the entire process! I am eternally grateful for your help through everything and for forcing me to do my first injection on myself (something I didn’t think I could ever do). I am so happy to be on the other side of things although I am wildly nervous and have been ever since I heard I was pregnant (more on that in future posts).


Right now though I am just trying to enjoy this ride! Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, hard working, moms and moms to be out there!!


Shauna XOXO