Six Months and Counting

Okay so here we are at the six month mark and one week away from starting my 3rd trimester! How the hell did that happen? I am still in utter awe of this reality. I look at my body in the mirror every morning and wonder if this is A. my body and B. if it’s really happening. I suppose it is as none of my clothes fit and this body I am looking at resembles someone other than me! Not that I am complaining because honestly I truly have zero complaints (God must be throwing me a bone for having to endure fertility treatments) but I am astonished that my body is capable of doing this! I am literally blown away everytime I hear the baby’s heartbeat which has been frequently thanks to my husband’s cousin who passed along her doppler fetal monitor (Thanks Kim)! I think I could listen to it everyday if he didn’t move around so much – typical BOY! I even played it for my family on the 4th of July – I’m like a sideshow act! At this point I have been putting the finishing touches on my baby registry for weeks – like a true first time mom! Thanks to two of my best friends who are both amazing mothers of three kids for breaking me in and showing me the registry ropes! With that being said I would love to hear from others out there about their must haves for first time moms or tips for surviving a newborn’s first month! Ladies please share all of the deets – the good, the bad and the ugly! As well as the best products, the worst and the ones you never used! Please help this newbie out!!!

Shauna XO