Salons Of A Different Sort

Hi faithful readers!! Yes… is bullshit that we haven’t written a post since August. No excuses…it is bullshit. Life got busy. Shauna had a baby. I took a vacation. I promise though, we will get back into a routine. That being said..let’s jump right into it. By this time, if you have been reading you will know that I have been on a roll with the “Confessions of a Stylist” stories. To break up the monotony of writing about hair salon stupidity I have decided to write about another kind of salon.

It’s a place we all go. It’s a place I have a love/hate relationship with. It’s a place that has been in the news recently for some pretty F’d up stuff……can we say not paying employees?! It’s the nail salon.  If you have been hiding under a rock, you will need to know that a ton of CT nail salons have recently been called out by the state for not paying their employees. 25 of them to be exact. They were issued a stop work order ( a notice slapped right on their front damn door) for violations including; paying workers below minimum wage, paying employees in cash and not paying overtime pay.

Included in the list of shut down’s was some of the nail shops I have frequented. I can’t say I was surprised. We all know how the story goes…..Asian owned nail salons pop up all over the damn place (most in 5 mile radius from each other). They open with an incredible mani/pedi deal that we can’t pass up. The service is almost always followed by a 5 minute massage while drying. One shop trying to one up the next. We leave after our first visit raving to our friends. Being a hairstylist, I can tell you first hand that these nail salons have taken over. Most  hair salons don’t even do nails anymore due to the amount of these pop up shops.

For years, we were being invaded…..2 or 3 shops right on your local town green. Well…..those nasty little cease work orders may have been the last straw. Shauna and I have been saying that we may switch back to the more expensive spa or hair salon pedicure and leave the $20 pedi in the dust. I for one am tired of being herded to the pedicure chair like cattle after hearing the famous “You pick color”………..The pedicure either lasts 20 minute because it was rushed or lasts 45 minutes because I was left to soak for 20 minutes while another service was done. I am most sick of getting the new girl that was learning how to give a pedicure…while giving the pedicure. Also, I have found my polish chips a day later. Ridiculous. I most recently went back to a local place that has reopened after being shut down. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!! The staff has been reduced to 4 people. There are about 12 manicure stations in the joint so you can imagine how those lonely 4 employees looked.

I noticed they were running a $40 special that included a manicure, pedicure and an eye wax. Perfect. That was everything I needed. I sat down and was asked what kind of pedicure I wanted. I said I want the special with the eye wax and manicure. I was then hit with a line of questioning leading up to her trying to get me to NOT do the special. I said no (3 times) and that I wanted just the $40 treatments. She then asked, what about your lip? Ummmm…what the f*ck about my lip?! Was she implying there was hair chilling out up there? She sure was. Don’t worry ladies, I informed her of her mistake. She promptly ignored me and began an incredibly mediocre pedicure. 30 minutes later we began the manicure portion of the treatments. 15 minutes later she was done…..yes…..15 whole minutes. It takes me longer to brush and floss in the morning than it took this lady to give me a manicure. We then went into the wax room for the eye wax. She neglected the pre cleaning of the brows and went right into the wax part………..( no words ) she slapped some wax on and ripped. She handed me a mirror and she assumed she was done. She was wrong. Hell no. There were stray hairs everywhere. I told her she needed to grab her handy tweezers and needed to start plucking. Her response….the hairs are short. Yes…yes they are, hence why we need to pluck them. At this point I was so annoyed I was just over the whole thing. I could have and should have just done it myself.

I sat down at the drying table and had a great convo with the 2 other ladies drying. We all felt the same way. Ripped the hell off. The woman sitting across from me ( shout out to Christine Ferrie, the incredible lady behind C.Ferrie Photography! ) looked like she went 4 rounds in a boxing ring. Safe to say her eye wax was not too good. Her manicure lasted as long as mine…15 whole minutes.

All in all it was horrible. We all agreed we will  not be back. I am breaking up with the cheap mani/pedi shops and am bringing back to spa pedi. I will not put in writing where I went, but if you really want to know……..I will always give my readers the 411 so contact me and I will spill the beans. I would love to hear your salon experiences and where all of you go, so please comment and let me know!!

I will be back soon with my 4th installment of “Tales From Behind The Chair…Confessions From A Hairstylist”

P.S. If there is some salon stuff you are dying to know the real deal about, contact me and I will write about it. Also I would love to hear about your salon experiences…the good, bad and ugly! xoxo-Tara