Guess Who’s Back……Back Again…


I am back in action and blogging once again! I know, you thought Shauna and I abandoned you guys. Well, we kind of did. I am sorry about that. Life took over unfortunately. I am not going to give you all the bunch of excuses as to why I haven’t written. I mean who wants to hear them?? Not me. Excuses are like Assholes….everyone has them. The important thing is that I am back…and ready to share my thoughts, opinions and life with all of you.


I think I should pick up where we left off. November 15th. “Something New and Something Blue” was the topic. Something Blue was about Shauna’s baby boy Carmine! He has grown so much since then and it is going by so fast! I couldn’t imagine life before Carm. He is such a love. He is just about 8 months old. It is awesome to see him grow and learn on a daily basis. His latest list of likes include; Popsicle’s, baby food, frosting, and people. He is super friendly!! His latest dislikes are sleeping and wearing socks. His feet are like hot potatoes! I can’t wait to see him enjoy the pool this summer.

Carmine“Something New” was about my finishing my book. I can happily say that since then, I have finished the book, finished a proposal and I have been signed to an agency. I now have an agent. (I love saying that)  We are actively shopping my book to publishing houses and I say a prayer every night that someone will pick it up and publish that sucker. It is a long process but I am hopeful it will be in all of your hands with a hard cover around it sometime soon. #powerofprayer


Moving on to current events!! I have since opened a hair salon! (I have been dying to write that) I am so excited about it. I call it SHEAR ENVY SALON.

I am located in North Branford, CT and if you haven’t been there yet you must still be walking around with bad hair 🙂 (Just kidding…maybe) We took over a salon and gutted it to the studs and rebuilt all in 5 freaking weeks. I had 1 mental beak down, a sinus infection, an ear infection and puked a few times also in those 5 weeks. I am so damn emotional and dramatic aren’t I?! All true though. It was almost the death of me (and probably of my poor husband Joe) but we did it! I felt like I was on a salon makeover show. It now looks like the most gorg boutique salon in CT.  I am so proud. I always said I didn’t want my own salon. My husband was the backbone that made me realize I could do it. With his help, and all of my awesome clients help, I am more successful than I imagined. I love that I can do the things I have dreamed of doing in a hair salon. I try to host an event almost every month. For June I am hosting a Ladies Night Out!! I have a bunch of my fav ladies coming with their products and services, all of which I use and love. For more info on that event check out the Shear Envy Facebook page.


I have so many new things I have tried and new places I have gone since I last wrote. I literally have so much to tell you. (I am like a 5 year old kid that ate a bunch of pixie sticks) #superexcited

For tonight though, I am going to end it here. (I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you guys) I will say that I am dying to tell you about new stuff I have tried. We will talk makeup, #KatVonD and new #kevynaucoincosmetics and of course the queen……. #KylieJennerLipKits  ( I am obsessed and I will tell you all about it) I also want to tell you about the place in NYC where you can make your own perfume and name it whatever you want. I have also been eating my way around Manhattan. We WILL talk food. Fat kid status over here. I can’t stay away from that damn city! I am literally there any chance I get. (Sorry CT) I also want to tell you about the new ladies in my life…..I have a new nail lady, a new pedicure lady, a new facial and bikini waxer (whom in 1 visit became my new friend), a last but not least my new yoga lady. SO exciting!!!

On that note, I say Au Revoir!! xoxo-Tara