New Summer Places, Things and Ideas

Hi Readers!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!! It’s almost the 4th of July and I can’t believe it. June flew by. ¬†I have been working like a damn dog and have not even seen a beach yet. ūüôĀ Makes me sad especially since the end of summer is my biggest fear. I despise the cold. I do get a day off though and I have been trying all kinds of new stuff on those days off. I have been dying to tell you all about it!

Let’s start with something called Baby Foot. (I hate the name) I went for a pedi last month and the woman told me I had bad calluses on my feet. I mean no kidding…I stand for a living…in cute yet not comfy shoes. Anyway, she said I should try a product called Baby Foot. They are essentially booties filled with a fruit acid that makes the gross skin on your feet shed away like a snake shedding it’s skin. This is what they look like¬†babyfoot for blog

So the lady tells me that I need this product and that it works like a dream. So of course I immediately begin googling pictures of Baby Foot users. WOW is all I can say. Go ahead…I will pause here because if you haven’t googled yet, do so NOW. I mean did you see…it’s so gross yet so amazing.¬†Of course I bought them and put those booties on as soon as I could. (I waited a week after my pedi) ¬†babyfoot blog

Per the instructions, you leave these booties on for an hour or so then rinse your feet. So if you are like me you would be thinking my feet are going to shed immediately after rinsing and I would have feet as soft as my nephew by morning. Not the case. My feet looked exactly the same for 3 days. Not a damn thing was peeling. See…nothing.
babyfoot blog 2

Finally around day 3 or 4, the shedding began. It was amazing. I was peeling like my feet had sunburn. I want to add here that the acid in the booties ruined the polish on my toes so don’t do this with a fresh pedi like I did. I was annoyed that the pedi lady left that part out. Here is my gross foot…..

babyfoot blog 5babyfoot blog 3

As you can see, my feet looked disgusting. They shed like this for around a week. Yes, a whole week. BUT, I was left with softer feet than I have had in years. I can’t believe how soft my feet have stayed. It has been about a month or so. I did this on May 25th. My feet are still soft! This product not only worked as well as advertised, but better. I highly recommend it. You can get it at¬†¬†or at¬† Let me know how you all make out!








In closing, ¬†I want to quickly tell you a few more of my “summer of 16” must have’s and must do’s;

#10 Fig Flavored Vodka

it is amazing. Figs are my FAVORITE summertime thing and to have a vodka that tastes like figs…well….I mean it’s a win/win. Try mixing it with hibiscus liquor, agave and lemon juice.fig vodka

#9 Big, huge fabulous sunglasses. Like these limited edition Dolce & Gabbana beauties. I got them at for around $270


tara sunglasses

#8 Milkcraft Ice Cream. Go. Go now. They have a location in Fairfield and you will not be disappointed. They use food grade Liquid Nitrogen to freeze their cream and poof! You have the creamiest ice cream you have ever eaten. Their flavors are to die for and they are served in a bubble cone or sandwiched between a homemade doughnut. ¬†I tried Strawberry Balsamic!¬†milkcraft fro blog#7 Room Escape I have said it before and I say it AGAIN. Go to room escape. When it rains in the summer, there isn’t squat to do around here. Instead of being bored and sitting in front of the TV, go try this!!! My husband and I love doing these and I am embarrassed to even tell you how many we have done. If you don’t know what this is (you live in a bubble), it is when you are locked in a room for 1 hour and you have to solve puzzles and clues to eventually find solve the mystery and get out of the room. There are a few places in CT that do this. I have been to Escape New Haven and to Panic Room in Norwalk. They each have different themes and different puzzles.¬†¬†or¬†¬†panic room blog

#6 A fun, funky, bright hair¬†color!! I was always afraid of bright hair color on myself. I never thought I could pull it off. I am proud to say I was wrong. I have now have blue, pin and now red in my hair. Not the whole head, but a few strands or a large strand in the front looks cute!! Be daring. Be fun. Try something new. (Don’t forget¬†¬†can make this happen for you)¬†hair color blog

#5 A Snapchat account. If you are not on Snapchat you need to be. ¬†It took me a minute to learn the in’s and out’s but I have been posting stupid 30 second videos of myself ever since. It is fun and you can add all kinds of “accessories” to pics of yourself.¬†snap chat blog#4 Henna! Recently it has become the trendy thing to do. Henna has been around for decades but most recently has shown up on the hands of people across the US. I personally love the way it looks. It lasts for a week or so and then it washes away. I will say it is hard to find a place that does henna designs in CT. I had MUCH better luck in NYC with this. I do now that a place just opened up in New Haven and they do henna. I have not had it done there yet, but see it happening in the near future!!¬†henna blog#3 A trip to the High Line Park in NYC. This 1.45 mile linear park was built on an elevated, non-used section of the New York Central Railroad called the West Side Line. It offers amazing views of the city and some cool stuff along your walk. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go. (like now) Here are some pics I took along my last High Line journey¬†NYC for blog 2 NYC for blog#2 A new hobby. It has probably been awhile since any of you have tried out a new hobby or activity. (Unless of course my readers are just that adventuresome) My new hobby is shooting guns. If you are an avid reader of Sisters In Suburbia, you will know from my last post that I have recently ¬†gotten into shooting guns. I was scared at first, but now I love going. I find it a challenge to hit the target and I improve my shot every time. I go with my husband and it’s a fun thing we can do together. I am NOT telling you to run off and get a gun permit. I am telling you to run off and find a hobby or activity you can do that you haven’t tried in the past. It is exciting to try new things and I think that we forget what that’s like as we go about or day to day activities.¬†tara shooting#1 Try a new beauty treatment of some kind. Aside from Baby Foot (ugh…that name!!), I have tried a facial. I had not had a facial in years and had heard about¬† Tina is fantastic at what she does and she does it for an incredible price. If you are looking for someone who won’t break your bank and give you great skin…go see her. She does peels, micro derm, etc; She is one of the nicest people I know and I can’t say enough about her.

I hope I have inspired some of you to try something new this summer and if not, oh well. Happy 4th readers!! xoxo, Tara

Gucci Bags and Handguns

Hi Readers!!

Hope all of you are well and enjoying the warmer weather!! I know I am! I am in the sun as much as I can be. I love sitting by the pool (because it’s mainly to cold to be in the actual pool). It’s my fav summer activity. I recently developed 2 new fav activities hence the title. The first of the two…Gucci….I have discovered the handbag section of EBay and Etsy. Who the heck knew they have such great pocketbooks?! The second….Handguns. I bought myself my very first handgun. I have had a permit for awhile now and in wake of all the crappy bullshit that has been going on in the world I decided it was time to carry a gun.

Let’s get right into the “gun thing” since I know some of you are scared to death for me now that I own one and some of you are thrilled I did it. Guns are such a f*cked up topic in today’s society. The most recent tragedy being in Orlando at a nightclub. All of those people dead. All of those people injured. It is a disgusting thing that happened. I hate to say this, but as soon as it made headlines, the “anti gun” group jumped at the chance to say their piece and try and create headlines of their own. I mean could we give it a f*cking moment before the “anti’s” started ranting?! My God and WTF! I don’t know about how you all feel about what happened, but it made me feel like I should get a gun…not wave a poster that read “Take Guns Away”. Shit, if we did that and took away guns from people that own them legally, the only people left with them are the bad guys. I baffles me that we can cut funding for mental health and over price meds so people that need them for mental health issues can’t get them. No one waves a poster on the news over that shit. They just are ranting over how guns should be taken away. F*ck that. Anyway, you see where I stand on the topic.

I have had people come up to my car twice now right in the center of East Haven where I live, and knock on my window and ask me for money. Both times at a red light. Both times at a busy intersection. It scared me to death both times. What if my doors weren’t locked and they tried to get in my car?! Pre-gun I had no way of defending myself. Now at least I feel like if something did happen I can at least fight back. Bottom line….it’s a crazy, fucked up world of desperate people. People that are mentally ill and not medicated. People that have no way of earning a living and have hungry families. People that have religious reasons for killing. I believe that in such a world people should have a way to defend themselves. My way of doing that is by owning a handgun. I do carry my gun. I cut hair behind the chair in my salon, with my gun at my hip. I am behind you in the grocery store, with my gun at my waist. I am sitting at the table across from you with a gun in my purse. Why should my right to do that be taken away from me? I thought it was said in the Second Amendment to the Constitution that is was my right to bear arms? Maybe this is what they meant.¬†Bear arms blog

For those still reading, (the gun and or bear arm lovers I assume) let’s move on to Gucci bags. ūüôā Like I said above, I have discovered (25 years late) that you can get a damn good bag on Etsy or Ebay. I purchased a leather, vintage Gucci bag last week on Etsy. It is freaking awesome and it was an incredible price. You can literally get anything on these sites. If you are looking for a designer bag but don’t want to part with a thousand dollars or more, check it out. Yes, they are used bags, but some of them have barely been carried. Be careful about it though. Ask for pictures of serial numbers and ask for authenticity cards. I stay away from anything being shipped out of Asia. There are to many fakes out there and a lot of times there are hidden shipping fees because it’s coming from China or Japan usually. Like I said, ask questions and ask for pictures. If you don’t like the idea if bidding for bags, stay more towards Etsy for purchases. You won’t be disappointed!!


On that note, have a great week! If anyone is interested in obtaining a gun permit and doesn’t know how or has a permit but has no one to go shoot with drop me a message!! xoxo-Tara