An Intro and A Town, not in that order.

Hi everyone! I’m Melani (Mel) and I’m thrilled to share a few thoughts, anecdotes, favorites, stories, meals, pics, travels, jokes, and everything else in between with you! I’m a hem…something living in suburbia (Staven)

A little about me….

I’ve been told I’m direct. I agree. I like to think I temper that with love and compassion……ummm not always, anyone? Anyone? Ok well, I hear crickets. That being said one thing I’m not about is a dishonest opinion. Any opinion I share, whether it’s a meal, a product, or a destination will come from an honest place.

Soooo I live in Staven. yup East Haven. Home of Sugar cupcakes (review in another post), home of Tolli’s and John and Maria’s, the butt of many jokes, and of course that famous KC101.3 FM song, “It’s Christmas Time in Staven”. Why East Haven you ask? Well I work at that famous Y hospital (I’m  a nurse) and my husband, Joe, is a regional food service manager and Staven is a convenient place. Also to be closer to family. Honestly I believe after the last couple of years it’s to be closer to my fantastic friend Tara, her being a stylist is truly just a bonus.

So Staven. Huh. Well….it’s got a great library, a small beach, some great restaurants, and some interesting characters. Not touching the obvious or the political stuff but it kind of goes without saying. We do love it here…And it’s definitely changing, for the better? Well that remains to be seen…

We arrived 9 years ago, can’t believe it but it’s been 9 years. For reference I grew up in Bridgeport/Trumbull and my husband grew up in Stratford. No I’m not Italian. I’ve had to explain that one to my neighbors. When I’ve said I’m half Indian I usually get “oh, what tribe”? No I don’t own Mohegan Sun or any part there of. I have to explain half Irish/German and half Indian from India, like Tikka Masala Indian. What in the……

My husband, God love him, wanted a fixer upper. Yes, definitely have one of those. The furnace went the first year, then the oil tank had a hole in it, and a new roof, and phew I digress, another post later on that……

We have great neighbors on either side of us. Rich, who is a retiree calls me Melanie, asks me to check his blood pressure which is totally stroke quality, and tells me about his “prostrate”. I thought prostrate is something you do at Our Lady of Pompeii? No? Ok….Rich and Joe talk over the fence and I talk to his wife Dee who always asks if I’m making sauce. Nope, not making sauce. I’ve given up correcting them that I’m not Italian. I’m walking out of my house one day in a sari with a bindi dot and maybe they’ll get the hint, maybe bagpipes too? A Leprechan? Weinerschnitzel? Ok, overkill, you all get the idea. Joe, although blonde and blue eyed, is always thought of as Italian. At least Rich treats him that way. He’s automatically called a goomba, …….what?

Rich does police the neighborhood and for that I’m grateful. I always tell him when Joe is away so he will watch the house. Not a baccala gets made without him knowing about it.

God I love Staven! The food, the peeps, the friends and fam, the convenience, and the Q bridge….I know, I know, don’t take a hit out on me. Let me clarify….the Q bridge only when lit up between the hours of 1Am and 1:15AM when there’s no traffic… up…food!

Talk to you soon….for now, a little advice: never trust an Irish/German/Indian to cook baccala. Some things are just that sacred….

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