The shampoo that is a body cleanser, shampoo and a hair color protector

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My favorite time of year is almost upon us! Summer time is approaching! Why I live in New England with months of icy cold weather is beyond me. I live for summer. I love the beach. I love the sun. I love LOVE being tan. Summer just brings so much to the table! I truly enjoy being outside. I am blessed to have a great backyard with lots of room to plant and garden. I like being out there and I have already started planting! I am also blessed to have a pool. I never had a pool growing up but always wished we had. I love to swim. On vacations I can always be found snorkeling and swimming around in the ocean. Literally I am in there every day, almost all day. When I get a day to myself here at home, I love to be in the sun or floating around in the pool. I have to share 2 things with you that don’t always love the sun, pool and the ocean as much as I do. Those things are my skin and hair. My skin gets very dry, as does my hair! Does this happen to you readers? Also, after an all day beach experience my hair color fades a shade at least! (No, I do NOT wear a hat. I like as much sun as possible to hit my face. No, I don’t burn. I like to be tan. Don’t judge. I know you to do readers!)

I am always searching for the MUST HAVE summer products for face, body and hair and have come across something I think you MUST HAVE! Milk_Shake has created a shampoo that will blow your mind this summer. Not only was it created for your hair, but it can be used on your body!! ( Mind officially blown)

Milk_Shake Sun & More all over shampoo is a two in one cleansing and soothing formula for your hair and your body. It is ideally used after you swim which makes it my MUST HAVE summer vaca product this year. I don’t know how you are going to go (for example) to the Cape or Block Island or the Jersey Shore for the weekend without this product this year. You don’t have to pack body wash and shampoo. Just pack this. It’s a no brainer! This will protect your skin from becoming dehydrated. There is a built in sun screen in this product as it is enriched with a UV filter, vitamin E and natural ingredients. I love a product that promotes healthy skin and hair and this does both. 

Did I mention this shampoo (which I don’t like to even call it shampoo because I feel it does so much more than just act solely like a shampoo) is ideal for sun loving, vacation going, beach worshiping, summer lovers? Well it is! If you have any interest in saving your hair color this summer, spend the $22 and protect your hair color investment. You will be getting a product that is labeled as a shampoo, but acts like a body wash, a shampoo and a sun protector for your hair color.

If you are interested in saving your hair from drying out and your hair color from running off your hair, this is hands down my #1 choice for a MUST HAVE summer product for 2017. You can purchase this from or from me at Shear Envy Salon! 203-208-0458 

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13 Reasons Why (or Why the Heck did I binge read/watch this???)

Hi everyone, Melani here…I’m deviating from usual product recommendations for this post,  although I have plenty of beauty products waiting in the wings. So I was on vacation in Mexico with my husband last week and I always bring at least 3-4 books to read…I am a huge reader and love armchair travel! usually I read James Patterson, Jojo Moyes, some Jodi Piccolt, etc…you get the idea, total escapism. Soooooo instead I went for drama and not only read 13 Reasons Why but binged watched the series on Netflix in a few days.

             13 Reasons Why

If you are not into teen melodrama then please read my next post on beauty and skip this one, however, if you want to discuss teen angst, read on!

So the book…Written by Jay Asher in 2007 as a Young Adult genre book is honestly written to sell books. only reason from my perspective. Now the book is been made into a Netflix series which you would think ended with the main character’s suicide but has been picked up for an additional season. It has gained popularity and is the subject du jur on Facebook. A few of my friends have read it or watched the series and I have really been digesting this with them.  The book is about a 16 year old high school student, Hannah. She records 13 Reasons Why she is committing suicide on old fashioned Memorex tapes. Each tape centers around one instance of basically who did her wrong. From Hannah’s voice we hear her generally go down hill mentally with each event of what is determined to be “bullying”. As she tells her story it is easy to get sucked in to the emotion and injustice of it. Hannah is young, Suicide is very tragic. I am totally on the fence about this book and am totally prepared for comments/thoughts/criticisms. This is my point of view and I understand we all have one. So here we go:

First, a synopsis on a few people who have wronged Hannah:

Tape 1 Side A: Hannah is essentially made fun of in a very public way, mostly via untrue bullshit. For instance, the first tape discusses how she meets the school Jock for a “date” at the local park. She slides down the slide, while a crazy voyeur takes a pic when her dress flies up in her face and clearly her underwear is seen, and right into the boy’s arms for a kiss. It was her first kiss which she describes as tasting like chili dogs. The pic is texted around school the next morning and everyone, including her new boyfriend, is laughing at her expense and think that she slept with him. Hannah rights that wrong and sets the record straight on the tapes that she did not sleep with him. How sad that he could not stick up for what was right, as letting everyone believe he slept with her made him much more cool. Hannah took a horrible hit and it went downhill from there.

The show as well as the book is told from another of her schoolmates perspectives, Clay. Clay is quiet, a fantastic student, thereby inline to be the school Valedictorian. Maybe. He is extremely introspective in the book as in the show. He exacts varying amounts of justice more so in the show than in the books to each of the “friends” who have wronged Hannah. He is also in love with her. And he feels that he could have prevented her from committing suicide.

He is the keeper of the tapes and is reliving each opportunity to have intervened and kept Hannah from suicide.

Other instances of bullying:

Hannah’s 2 Best Friends abandon her because of a List that is made and passed around at school: Hannah is voted Best Ass. Her best friend is pissed that her boyfriend picks Hannah for Best Ass. He breaks up with her best friend. Letting everyone believe that he also slept with Hannah and of course being thought of as cool for this and Hannah is a slut, again.

Hannah is a scapegoat on many occasions for this one group of popular kids. she is vulnerable and naïve. She keeps putting herself out there. The same group hurt her over and over.

Other “Reasons” why Hannah commits suicide:

  • the school counselor discounts Hannah’s rape (the show illustrates this and yes, Hannah, at the end, not caring about herself goes to a party with the same hateful group and is raped) and fails to follow up with an intervention when Hannah clearly states that she feels “nothing” and doesn’t care any more
  • she witnesses the original Jock allow his best friend to rape her friend (who later rapes Hannah)
  • Hannah is used and scapegoated by another friend at school in the group
  • Hannah is duped by yet another Jock in the group
  • Hannah is victim of a Peeping Tom who circulates a picture of Hannah and a friend trying to trick him into revealing himself as a Peeping Tom

Here are my thoughts…..

  1. The alcohol, drugs, and sex that went on was pretty tough to watch. Although I am not a mother it was hard to see very immature young people living that life. No consequences. It was easy to be introspective and emotional via social media, even on tape recordings for Hannah When it came to real life I did not see the understanding of consequences until the tapes of Hannah circulated. Not sure if anyone cared until then. I also did not hear Hannah’s directness. She planned her suicide. There were overt signs. No one took her seriously nor was she direct but was very, very direct on the tapes. I get she didn’t feel safe and indirectly reached out to the school counselor but come on!!!!????
  2. Social media can be so harmful. I know, not a miraculous revelation. But for 20 somethings and below this is what their world is. you are ruined in an instant. Each picture that was circulated, each name Hannah is called, takes her vulnerability and trust and completely twists it inward like a knife through her heart. That was clear.
  3. She kept going back for more. and more. She was clearly being harmed and was a very emotional young person who continually got hurt to the point where she has no sense of self. Is this realistic? I continually asked myself this. I really wanted to slap her into reality. she had parents who cared.
  4. I can relate to Hannah in that I am very emotional and want others to like me. Who doesn’t. that’s where the similarities end. I will only take so much. I have no idea why she kept going back for more. I really don’t. It was clear to me that in the book as well as in the show that this group was bad. Very bad. Where did her sense of self go? It is easy to just let it slip away? I guess? Maybe?
  5. Very bad=stay away and keep away.

The book gave a more detailed description into what Hannah was thinking. The show ends in sensationalism. One student in the show kills himself. The show ended with Clay and a few others rallying around each other clearly setting us up for the second season. Also, we see another student with a trunk full of weapons. Great.

So, this book and series brings up how kids have a lot going on. Not only are there normal pressures of high school life, but the social media and social pressures in general can easily drive or influence tragedy. It was meant to sell though and please don’t forget that.

In conclusion, it is totally worth the read as an adult. I am still on the fence if it is sensationalism to sell books and a series or is it for real? there in the middle lies the truth. It brought a great issue forward, teen depression and the horrors of bullying. How important it is for children to have the right environment to open up. How important it is for them to feel safe to be direct. For teenagers and below 12 years of age, I would use caution and watch with them to discuss.

I am dying to hear all your thoughts, comments, ideas, and criticisms! It was a definite roller coaster ride of emotion so be prepared!

Until next time…xoxo Melani