Sisters In Suburbia was born in a small Italian restaurant in Little Italy in NYC. It was the brainchild of 2 sisters simply living their lives in suburbia. Shauna Carrano DeStefano and Tara Carrano McVety couldn’t be more different than each other yet always share the same beliefs, a love of fashion, make up and all things girly.

Sisters Shauna and Tara



mel blog pic #2
Honorary sister Melani Semlow

S.I.S. has since evolved and gained a new “sister”! Welcome  Melani Semlow. Tara and Mel are BFF’s and  live in East Haven CT with their husbands and blog about their lives, travel, makeup, fashion, food and fun! They often refer to themselves as the House Wives of East Haven

Honorary sister Gina Berrios

S.I.S has gained a 4th “sister”! Welcome Gina Berrios.  Tara and Gina have been friends for at least 16 years. G (as like to call her) is a mom of 2 boys, she runs her family business, sews clothes, paints her own bathroom and pretty much is a rock star.


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