Bronzers: Finding your holy grail: A SIS’s HG Series

Hi everyone! Your friendly neighborhood makeup addict here with our Holy Grail of Bronzers series! It’s Melani and although it is summer (well not until June 22nd) we couldĀ all use a little bronzer! Ok, question #1…Do I really need to bronze? I say YES! I never skip bronzing! In fact, I learned from Tara that […]

Finding Foundation Part 1: Insights from a professional!

Hi everyone! How to find your perfect foundation has been one of my constant quests. Especially as products change on a daily basis. So to provide you with a guide I have interviewed our expert and thrown in some tidbits myself! Here goes! I interviewed Tara Carrano McVety, owner of Shear Envy LLC, a place […]