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A Lash Like No Other….How to Get Amazing Lashes!

Hi everyone, Your makeup fanatic Melani here to tell you about some options, simple to not so simple, for creating the most amazing lashes even if yours are as sparse as water in the Mojavi dessert! I have two absolute basics for you that are a must have and must use……

  • Eyelash Curler! a definite! I had a beautiful eyelash curler a few years ago, Shu Uemura, expensive, but I left it at the gym! I know! Lesson learned to pack a bag of much lower end makeup for gym and travel….now I have two, one Revlon for myself which works amazing and one BH Cosmetics, which I use on others. How I use is before #2 Basic (Primer). I will curl my top lashes three or four “pumps” and apply primer right away. My lashes are straight, meaning grow straight out, but I have a fair amount of them so with the right primer and curling I am pretty happy with my day look

    Shu Uemura $21.00
  • Primer. There are a few options here. I love Lancôme eyelash primer. I mean LOVE! But Dior Primer has a growth serum and it takes it to a whole other level. The L’Oréal Primer is fantastic and I use this on others and is a great drugstore option. A cruelty free option is Catrice Cosmetics that Ulta now carries. I am on a journey to ensure my makeup is completely cruelty free so I am using up what I have that is not and moving forward for this new year buying products that are cruelty free. I will use the primer right after I curl and wait a minute to apply my mascara to both top and bottom lashes. A few benefits of primer are length, plumping, growth ingredients, and it makes your mascara last longer and smudge less. One unfortunate side effect though is that it makes mascara removal harder, but sooooo worth it!
Catrice Primer $6.99

Of course both of these products make your lush lashes a bit on the temporary side, except after long term use of the primers….I have definitely noticed a difference! Ok, now on to more expensive but longer lasting….

  • Eyelash extensions vs. lash lifting……Eyelash extensions are just that, extensions of your own eyelashes. this has to be done, according to a friend who has had them done for years, every two weeks or so. if your lashes grow and fall out quickly you may have a little trouble keeping this up…. about 60-$75 per application. Most anyone who has extensions does not have to use mascara unless this is what you prefer. The other issue is that your left eye may grow out quicker than your right. thus a little wonkiness may occur 🙁
  • Lash lifting is like a perm for your lashes, I will be trying this soon! I have watched a live demo by my friend Tina who offers this service for $60.00. This takes an hour and you do not have to use mascara but just like extensions you can if you would like. It completely opens up the eye! this option lasts about 3-4 weeks and will even out the consistency of your lashes on both eyes

I suggest you research your options and consider the upkeep as well as cost. Now for the top 5 Holy Grail Mascaras……Here are a few qualities that are very important to me: 1. I do not want dry mascara which will flake and smudge no matter what primer you use 2. I hate waterproof mascara! it doesn’t come off! unless you are getting married or are definitely going to cry do not use waterproof mascara! it will never come off!!! ugh!!!! 3. I hate, hate, hate plush brushes! I much prefer a comb-like brush that can be run from the base of the lash to the tip, again to stave off clumping which will lead to smudging. 4. I hate wet formulas for the exact same reason I hate dry formula…. that crap will literally run away from you! you have to wait an hour to put y0ur shirt on! how about NO!

OMG Don’t let me sneeze

Top 5 and Why……(right now anyway!)

  1. Lancôme Mr. Big, seriously the brush! OMG the brush! and the formula! it is perfect and not at all as expensive as other high enders I have used….again, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the brush to the tips, then go again after waiting a few moments….it doesn’t smudge, doesn’t flake, and is not dry or too wet! it is $25 and can be found in a kit at Lancôme with the primer or wait until there is a Lancôme bonus! at Macy’s……here’s the link!
  2. Chanel Inimitable. Love the wand and the formula is amazing! the wand is lean which helps to separate each lash. The cost is $32 and can be found at Macy’s as well. I have used this without primer and I cannot say enough about it! but primer does make it better!
  3. My new favorite drugstore brand is Essence mascara (cruelty free), huge amount, and great wand! there are 50 of them honestly but I love the “I Love Extreme Crazy Volume”. You can find it at Ulta  It’s only $4.99! Similar wand to Chanel and the consistency is perfect! holds a great curl!
  4. Tarteist Lash Paint is a little wetter than most so I would give it a bit more time to dry but once it is dry it is amazing! It can also be found at Ulta and is $23
  5. Cover Girl Supersizer Mascara has a similar wand and is $6.99. the formula is very similar to Tarteist Lash Paint but after using it a few times that issue resolves and it is literally perfect! this mascara was a bit trial and error though and at first I ended up looking like I belonged in a football game 🙁

So dear readers… get out there and curl those lashes!! Let me know what your favorite mascara or lash enhancing process it! Remember,  I try them all so you don’t have to!! Next post we will be talking about false lashes, magnetic and otherwise. Magentic? Yes!

Until next time, XO Melani





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