A Lash Like No Other Part 2!

Hi readers! If you are interested in my take on the lash lift and how to apply falsies read on………

So I had a lash lift three weeks ago, so glad I did! Here are the before and after…….


Some thoughts so far:

I love this! I do not wear mascara to work now (for the most part) but when I do I can just say WOW! makes a big difference! If you read my previous post I discussed lash curling-not necessary with the lash lift! It has been three weeks and should last about 6-8 weeks. I will definitely repeat as it changed my lash game dramatically, I do not need primer and I do not need to curl my lashes. Definitely a win for me! If you are in the New Haven area check out our lash gal’s info for great facials and lash lifting

In between my last post and the lash lift I tried these:

Magnetic False Lashes

All I can say is no way! they are difficult to apply-if you choose to try them apply the bottom first. Once they are on-the magnets are strong-you cannot adjust. They cost about $13 and totally not worth it. If you choose to use falsies there are two basic types:

  1. Strip lashes-they are for your top lashes and you must use a gel type lash glue to apply. They can be natural or dramatic. Here are two basics that I love. You Tube has great tutorials on applying lashes. Follow the link here to nikkitutorials
Basics-Natural Lashes
Dramatic Lashes

With strip lashes practice makes perfect. Size them to your eyes first and do not be afraid to cut them. Choose lashes that are sized like your natural lashes not all one length. I learned from Tara to trim starting at the part of the lash closest to the tear duct. Also use clear lash glue. Apply a thin line to the strip once sized and make sure to wait 30 second before applying. Use a regular tweezer to apply and start from the outer lash to the inner so it is sized correctly. Again, check out the tutorial above.

2. An easy way to begin using false eyelash products are single eyelashes. Also use the same principal when applying the glue and use a tweezer to apply. This is a more natural alternative and can be used to enhance your natural lash.

Individual Lashes
Lash Glue

A few last thoughts on applying any type of false lashes:

Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes first. curl your lashes before this. Apply lashes as your last step after all makeup is on. If you have a dramatic wing or thick eyeliner on then no need to touch up after lash application.

I can’t wait to hear about your lash experiences! Let me know your favorites!

Quick update: March 18th kicks off Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty!!! One of the best times to score great makeup at a huge discount. Look for my post on Friday to guide you to some great bargains!

Until next time dear readers! Remember…I try it so you don’t have to!

xoxo Melani



  • Katrien Derycke-Chapman

    Hi Mel! So…where did you have your lash extensions done? How long did it take? Name of the person who applied them? I might give it a shot!
    Best, Katrien

  • Melani Semlow

    Hi Katrien! thanks for reading the blog! I actually had the lash lift, kind of perm for your lashes! I have very straight lashes so curling and applying mascara is a pain for work-if I don’t I look like a zombie. the link to my friend’s website it above and she is great-in the east haven area close to TJ Maxx-let me know how it goes or what you use for your lashes! xo Mel

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