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Some of you know and some of you don’t know, that aside from writing this KICK-ASS blog, I am a hairstylist. I have been cutting hair in CT for 19 years now. 3 years ago I had an epiphany and started my own business. I have been the proud owner of Shear Envy LLC ever since 🙂 Shear Envy is a mobile salon, where I bring luxury salon services right to you, 7 days a week. We offer a variety of services from hair services to spray tanning. Please check out my facebook page at

Being that I am a hairstylist, I have decided to do a blog post on hair! I asked everyone on my social media accounts what questions they would have for a professional hairstylist. I choose 10 questions they had at random and took it to the professionals. I asked some of my friends at local CT salons for their input and here is what we came up with…..

The questions are as follows:

#1 What are the best treatments for colored or bleached hair?

Stephanie Parlato from Reflections Hair Studio, said that she likes to use the extreme line from Redken. It adds protein and smooths hair.

Jenna Vollono, from The Hive Hair Studio, feels that the best treatments for colored or bleached hair are deep conditioning masques. Using them once or twice (for more damaged hair) is great, as doing a chemical service opens up the cuticle of hair, compromising it. Her fav masque is, It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Masque. She also recommends, that if your hair is bleached to use a shampoo and conditioner that has a violet pigment in it to reduce that nasty brassiness that can occur in time.

#2 and #3 Does coconut oil help with hair growth and/or the condition of your hair?

My response to this question is that there is no product you can apply to your hair to accelerate hair growth. Unfortunately, hair growth is not a super fast process. Hair grows around a 1/2 inch a month (give or take). Jenna had a great response to this, as she adds that consuming coconut oil and other healthy fats will help grow healthier hair from the inside out. As far as coconut oil helping with the condition of your hair, Jenna said it best….Coconut oil helps to fill in the holes of your hair that are caused by color, heat styling and neglect. It is like a bandaid. Once you shampoo, it will come out of your hair. It does however leave your hair shiny after you use it. It is like our mothers version of putting mayo and eggs in your hair as a conditioning treatment. Stephanie added that in the salon she works in, they add olive oil in their color and lightener to help with the condition of the hair. I personally am a HUGE fan of coconut oil. (On a side note, I have been oil pulling for around 4 months now. If you don’t know what that is GOOGLE IT!) I have used coconut oil in my hair in the past as a masque and while yes, it adds shine it did not help in aiding the integrity of my hair. A conditioning masque (see question #1) is much more useful.

#4 (My fav question as EVERYONE asks this or something similar) What is the best shampoo and conditioner under $10?

I get asked this question, or one similar ALL the time. Everyone has heard of sulfate free shampoo and how sulfates are bad but…what the heck are they?! Sulfates…derivatives of salt. In dictionary terms, sulfates are salts or esters of sulfuric acid. When I think of salt I think exfoliation. Salt is great for making body scrubs, great for flavoring food and awesome at cleaning (think salt water in a wound). Salt is not so good when it is in your shampoo. If you look at the ingredient list on a shampoo bottle, you will most likely see that the first ingredient is water, followed by sodium laureth sulfate and sodium  lauryl sulfate. One of those nasty little salts is used to thicken the shampoo and one is used to make a water ridden product lather. It is a common misconception that the more something lathers the more clean it is becoming. This is not true. The first ingredient on a list means it is most abundant. Because in a shampoo’s case, that abundant ingredient is water, something needs to thicken it and something needs to make it foam. These salt derivatives do this for the shampoo, while unfortunately stripping your hair of the hair color you just paid for and it’s natural oils This can cause your hair to dry out, become brittle and loose shine. The best advice I can give someone, is to spend a little extra money and get a good bottle of shampoo that is not made so cheaply (ie; with sulfates). It will result in your color staying better and longer. Ask your stylist what they think the best option is. I am currently addicted to Matrix Biolage Cleansing Shampoo. It has no lather at all which means it has no sulfates at all. ( TREND ALERT!!! All the major brands in hair care are promoting no lather shampoo for 2015. It is the biggest thing in hair care currently)  I do have clients that will go to the grocery store and opt for a shampoo that is as easy for them to access as say….broccoli. A popular brand I have seen used is L’Oreal Paris Ever-Pure Sulfate Free Color Care System Shampoo. It can be bought on Amazon for around $6.00. Jenna has suggested Aveeno Pure Renewals shampoo and can be bought for around $7.00.

#5 What is the best hair dryers and flat irons?

Stephanie suggests Parlux blow dryers and range from $130 to $200. (This dryer will last years!!!) Jenna uses a Twin Turbo 2600 which sells on Amazon for around $100. I have used both of these dryers and have found good and bad things about each. I found that the twin turbo is fairly heavy so it could be brutal to use on your self. I have found that the Parlux is extremely hot. Almost to hot. I have had a client burn their own hair using this dryer. I tend to lean toward (and am using it now on my clients) Babyliss Pro Ionic Nano. This retails for around $120. I swear by this dryer. It is light weight which for a gal with carpel tunnel is most important. As far as flat irons, Jenna has been using the Babyliss Titanium flat iron and says it has never let her down 🙂 This retails on Amazon for around $124. I will be honest…I have had expensive flat irons in the past and just can’t find the justice in it. I bought my last flat iron at TJMaxx. It is ceramic plated, holds it’s heat and heats to 450 degrees. It was a steal!!!

#6 Why does my gray show up so quickly?

This is such a loaded question……There are a million reasons as to why gray can show up quickly. First things first…depends on what is being used as color….for all you do it yourself’ers….box color from the store is just not made as well as professional color. It pales in comparison which is why it is so cheap to buy. Other reasons your gray may be coming back with a vengeance could be that it is just growing super fast. The more gray percentage in your hair means that when your hair grows in you are seeing less and less of your natural pigment and more and more of those nasty little white buggers. I have some clients that are getting root color every 3 weeks. This is not abnormal for someone with resistant gray or fast growing hair. Remember we said above that hair grows about a 1/2 inch a month so, in 2 weeks a 1/4 inch of gray is already coming in. Jenna stated that by highlighting your hair it will help to camouflage the gray better than darker colors. I agree. I have taken a lot of hair color classes and have compiled a list for you as to what can help strip hair color; Very hot water in the shower, shampoo loaded with sulfates (yes even though it said color safe), Sun shine unfortunately, tanning beds, and chlorine and salt water. Unfortunately ladies  gray can be very resistant so you just may need to see your stylist more frequently.

#7 How is static in hair preventable?

Steph gave a great answer to this by saying that static is prevented by adding moisture to the hair. I have some clients that do not like to use product in their hair ( I know….I know….) that being said they complain about static this time of year. By adding a leave in conditioner to hair it will help tremendously. I am currently using Matrix  Biolage Leave In Treatment Anti Static Spray. There was once a time I didn’t believe any professional product was wonderful for aiding static cling in hair. I was literally spraying my brush with Static Guard (yes the stuff for clothes) and then brushing my hair with said brush.  I now will ONLY use the Anti-Static Spray from Matrix.

#8 What is a good shampoo to change to from a Keratin shampoo? (I should add that this person said they have oily hair and have to wash it at least every other day)

All three of us were in agreement on this answer…..any sulfate free shampoo. Jenna added that if your hair is oily it usually means you are having a PH balancing issue. Never wash your hair every day or even every other. Try only washing once or twice a week. Using a sulfate free shampoo will help balance your PH and scalp issues. It could take up to a month for you to notice any change.

#9 What are the new styles and trends for 2015?

Again we are all in agreement that sleek, edgy bobs and asymmetrical cuts are the forefront for haircuts. Jenna and I are in agreement that ombre is on it’s way OUT! Blended colors and pastel blondes with honey, copper and caramel hues are all popular. Jenna was saying that what she calls “Unicorn Hair” ( I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she named it that), has picked up speed. Lavenders, pinks, light blues, and deep violets have been added to the whole head or just a few pieces on quite a few of her clients heads. My new color obsession this year is Ecaille….the french word for tortoiseshell. Think soft colored hues of warm brown, honey and amber blended together. The colors are hand painted into the hair resulting in gorgeous color that grows out much better than regular plain old highlighted hair.

#10 How bad is it for your hair to use that communal clip they use at the nail salon during a massage? (This is Shauna’s favorite question as she will not even touch that clip with her fingers)

My favorite answer was Steph’s response…She wrote in all capital letters 🙂 “THAT CLIP IS DISGUSTING!!!! DO NOT LET THEM PUT THAT IN YOUR HAIR!!!!” lol Sadly I see that clip in a whole host of ladies hair while having my nails done. It goes from one head to the next without ever seeing a cleansing agent

I hope that you find all this info useful or at the least found the clip question humorous. I love and appreciate that these 2 ladies took the time out of their day to help me give some informative and professional responses to your questions. If anyone has anything to add or any questions about salon services feel free to ask away!!!


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Stephanie Parlato, Reflections Hair Studio (633 North Main St, Branford CT, 203-481-6555)

salon promo #6 Jenna Vollono, Owner/Stylist at The Hive Hair Studio (93 Whitney Ave, New Haven CT 203-821-7219)

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Tara Carrano McVety (it’s me!), Owner/Stylist (and 1/2 of this supreme blog team) at Shear Envy LLC. As stated above we are mobile, 7 days a week we bring the salon to you! 203-687-7397

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