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Bag, Borrow or Steal? Yes please

Hi Readers!

I have been waiting patiently to write this blog post and am so excited to share it with you, that I am skipping the introductory “hello, how are you’s” and jumping right in. Who knows what Bag, Borrow or Steal is?                     (

No? So, for those that are living in caves, (in the mountains, with no internet service), Bag, Borrow Or Steal is a website service that loans out and sells discounted high end, luxury brand handbags. Women rejoice! You simply go on their website, search through hundreds of styles and designers and pick one you like. You can then “rent” the sac à main for a month at a time for a fraction of the price it would cost you to purchase. If leasing isn’t your thing and you like to jump into ownership, you can skip the rental and head right over to the “Buy” section and purchase a bag. This service became wildly popular after the first Sex in the City movie made it’s fabulous debut in 2008. Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant Louise, played by Jennifer Hudson, toted a rented Chanel from B.B. or S. in the iconic movie. One of my fav lines was “Louise, grab your rental” 

Why is this rental idea extraordinary? If you are a handbag infatuate like myself, you fall in love at least once a month with a new style and or a new designer. The price tag (of a $1000 or more) makes it impossible to take home a new purchase on a frequent basis. This borrow program allows you to spend some time with this new lover without taking the plunge. Say you have an important meeting and would get a much needed confidence boost from the new Celine Mini Luggage Tote valued at a mere $3500. Well you can borrow this knockout for $450 for a month! Then, send it on back and get the latest model. 

Now this is what separates the bag aficionados from those whom merely admire. Those whom admire are thinking “Who in their right mind would rent something for $450?? It’s more than my car payment” Yes. It may be. That just means that this particular purse isn’t for you. There are many other price points to this whole rental thing. For $50-$100 a month you too can tote around a louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tory Burch, Chloe, Alexander Wang, etc;

I just tried B.B.or S. for the 1st time. I have to say I was nervous to drop over a hundred bucks on bag rental. All I kept thinking was what if I get the bag and it’s damaged when I get it? What if their customer service department is crazy hard to get a hold of? What if I have a million questions???!! Who do I ask!?! I do NOT want to get stuck paying a thpusand dollars for a purse I am not even sure I am in love with. (Yes, I have OCD and am working on some coping techniques)

I put my insecurities aside and, said f*ck it and hit the borrow button. I “borrowed” the new Gucci Tian Messenger Bag. I loved this bag when I saw it on the Gucci website but didn’t love the $850 price tag it came with. The cons to the purse are that it is a narrow design so it doesn’t hold a lot. It is made of Gucci signature canvas (not even leather!!) and has a floral pattern overlaying the monogram which is cute for spring and summer but makes it a seasonal bag!! The pro’s are that, well, it’s Gucci. It will hold it’s value if purchased and only increase in value years down the line. It is a cross body bag and Gucci is wonderful enough to make the strap on their cross body long enough but not to long. This means that the bag falls at a great place on the hip without being obtrusive to wear as a cross body. In the end I am so happy that I borrowed the purse. I received a ton of compliments on it. With that being said I am more than happy I did not purchase this bag. I couldn’t part with $850 and only be able to use the bag for half the year. My time is just about up with this handbag and I will be sending it back to B.B.or S. I went online and logged into my account and printed a shipping label. I have already started looking for my next Borrow and can’t wait to rent again!! (Possibly this Louis Vuitton Da Vinci Speedy Satchel that you can purchase NO WHERE)

In closing I am def into this whole purse for rent thing. Will it persuade me to never purchase a designer bag again? No. Some things are just worth the purchase. As someone that doesn’t like to carry the same designer handbag as the woman next to me, it does allow me to carry some of the more hard to get, obscure handbags. If you are on the fence on trying this service I say GO FOR IT!! Talk Soon, T

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