F*cking Cut The Crap and Shut Your Trap

Hi! It’s Thursday and that means the weekend is right around the corner!! Super excited for tomorrow as “the sisters” are headed to a murder mystery dinner!! We decided to the leave our husbands home and do it as a girls night.  (On a side note we are headed to an Italian restaurant for this whodunit event. Horrifying to me. I have been carb-less since January 2nd. #breadisforsuckers ) We will def write all about it and let you know if it is worth the $50 price tag. I love getting together with my core group and being able to talk, complain and brainstorm 🙂 We dames have to stick together.

Here is the catch…..the reason I am telling this story……the meaning behind “Sisters In Suburbia”……..My core group of “go-to” ladies is as follows: My sister Shauna, My mother, My cousin Ann Marie, and my bff Maria. (Please note 3 of the 4 are related to me…..hmm…)  In my life, when things fall apart, things get hairy, or things get great, rest assured one or all of those women get a phone call from me. I am sure all of you reading this have a feature group of besties that you confide in. Yeah sure, you have lots of other friends in your life, but we are talking about the BFF’S. In my world, my group is always there to lend an ear, lift me up when needed and act as my web of support.

When Shauna and I started Sisters In Suburbia we thought the name was cute. It was a fitting as we are SISTERS living in..well, suburbia. We are exactly 22 days into being bloggers. When we launched that first post we had no idea if anyone would even read it. I am proud to say that in about 3 weeks we have over 100 followers to our blog on and another 26 people following on this actual feed. I am so appreciative of everyone’s support. We literally have 100 women (and maybe 3 men) we don’t personally know (or have forced) reading what we are writing.  Because of that I have a new take on the name…I now feel that the women who are supporting us by reading our blog, are also our “sisters” of sorts. They might not all live in suburbia but you get the point. This blog is for the women who help each other out. Who support each other. Who instead of ripping each other apart…boost each other up.

In my 38 years of life I have learned the hard way that most women do NOT have each others backs. Most are jealous, most are back stabbing. They are NOT your friend and even worse…they aim to tear other females down. It has happened to me. It has happened to you. It will happen within groups of women…always. WHY though!!! I mean wtf? Aren’t we supposed to stick together? What happened to “Girl Power” and all that shit? Why can’t women in general just be happy for other women? Bullshit like….”Look at her bag…it’s fake” or “Look at her hair….it’s box colored” is said every damn day. It’s gross. Men don’t do this. Get over it ladies! F*cking cut the crap and shut your trap! Even in this blog situation. The ladies whom I thought for sure that would read this and sign up as followers (because they are my friends) have not.  In my hair business…..some of my clients whom I thought were my friends (aka support crew) have not supported me.They go elsewhere.

Now don’t confuse this post as a rant. It’s not. It is my way of telling you that you that I truly appreciate all who DO read these posts. Thank you. Thank you for having a sista’s back. Thank you for supporting Shauna and I. This blog is for you. I invite you to comment on this post. Tell me what you liked. Tell me who your bestie is. Post a pic of you and your besties. I would love to see them! Tell me what you want us to blog about. What do you want to read about? It’s for women, by women. (Bring back the “Girl Power”!!)

In closing, please stop being your own worst enemies ladies.  Other females are not our competition. Support each other damn it!  xoxo-Tara

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