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Finding Foundation Part 3.. To prime or not to prime?

Hi Friends!

The last two posts we talked about finding the perfect color and the perfect formula of foundation. So you found your color and formulation but you notice that it may not leave you with that perfect poreless, blurred effect you are looking for. Or maybe you want your makeup to last through a special event like your wedding or someone else’s for that matter. Well….I can help with that!

Primer.. a magical step in the foundation application process that will turn your face into complete perfection! Unless you are running around with a surgically implanted selfie light (like below) we can all benefit from a little primer. Which one is the right one for you?

         Selfie Light No Primer

Like we discussed in the previous foundation post, I use a mineral BB or CC Foundation for everyday. I also use a primer after my oil free moisturizer and eye cream. Depending on what my skin is doing, ugh!, will determine which of 3 types of primer I use.

If I am looking to keep my oily T Zone at bay I use a mattifying primer. Only a pea sized amount is needed. I prefer Benefit the Porefessional which fills in pores but doesn’t clog them. You can find it here and with a discount for joining the Beauty Insiders at Sephora grid:p264900. This stuff will keep you blurred and poreless all day! I recommend for any special occasions too under any type of makeup or for that humid time of year. Your makeup will not move for 8 hours!

                           Benefit Porefessional

If you are a bit dry like I am after a night of retinol 🙁 I use Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. This will also give you a little extra moisture and blurr your face a bit. You can find it here: grid:p387589. It will also help with any sensitivity and keeps a nice barrier between your sensitive overtaxed skin and your foundation.

                    Too Faced Hangover Primer .


The third and last primer I reach for is a luminous or natural primer. It will give your skin a more dewy, glowy base for foundation. I love the MAC Prep and Prime Skin and use this with thinner liquid foundations like the Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation, a liquid that feels completely weightless and has a natural look. You can find it at Sephora where I suggest you either get color matched or try a sample of a few colors that you think might work for you. Love that Sephora does samples!

Natural Primer: MAC Prep and Prime


                             Nars Foundation

If you use a powder foundation, after priming and applying your foundation, you can follow with bronzer and blush if you like and off you go!

If you have used a liquid foundation I highly suggest a translucent (no color) setting powder before bronzer or blush. I love the RCMA no color powder and the best part is it is extremely affordable. Find it here on Amazon:

                    RCMA Translucent Powder

Of course this step can be totally omitted but for all skin types if you are using liquid foundation, it will definitely help your other staples blend out better. Tried and true!

I wish I had known all this before a lot of wasted money and time! I always thought, eh, who needs a primer? I don’t have time for that! Now I won’t go without!

So, To Prime or Not to Prime? I say Prime all the way! Such a small small step but with a big impact !!!! Let us know what primer you use in the comments.

XO Bye for now, Melani







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