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Get Glowing! 5 Top Highlighters: SIS HG Series

Hi everyone, Melani here ready to chat about all things glowy! Just how I feel about bronzers, I definitely feel about highlighters! Love them! Especially now in the dead heat of summer! I love that summer glow!

A highlighter can accentuate and draw the eye to the face. I love a nice highlighter on the high points of cheekbones, on top of the lip, and a bit at the temples..

So we have all seen the oily looking highlighter looks that seem to be popular among a few YouTubers. I digress for a moment… Makeup for YouTube is just that…makeup for YouTube. Generally, Youtubers are on camera and use quite a bit of makeup. If I were to wear that much makeup daily, I might get some interesting looks at work! Fake lashes (although love them too), highlight you can see from Mars, and a smokey cat eye may not be your style, it is usually the focus of a makeup tutorial. When I think of highlighting, I picture a nice healthy glow. Granted there are times when I want to see that highlight from the next town over but generally day to day the glow will do just fine and help complete your makeup. So let’s check out some basic info before delving into the Holy Grail 5.

Just like the previous posts, a little knowledge goes a long way before heading out there to purchase your highlighter.

First, you might be asking “Do I really need a highlighter?” Yup! you do! it helps you look less tired (God knows we are all busy, ugh!), it’s very easy and quick, and really gives you a lit from within look.

Second, what kind of highlighter is best for me? Well that’s where I come in! I am always rotating the newest highlighter, drugstore and high end, so that you don’t have to! ok here’s the basics…

There are two types (generally): there are cream or liquid highlighters which may last a decent amount of time during the day and are for dryer skin. If you are interested in these highlighters, remember not to apply over powder foundation. Use over liquid or cream. If you use the creamy highlighters over powder, it may lift the foundation. The second type of highlighter is powder, which is easier, more economical, and works over powder or liquid foundation.

Third, What color is best for me? For the most part the lighter the skin tone, the lighter the highlighter should be. I again, am medium to light neutral skin tone. Here are my top picks (today anyway!!!) Here is my most used right now ( mainly to trial it but it is amazing for the price point!)

Milani Strobelight in Afterglow $8.97 in Walgreens or Walmart! Perfect for all light to medium skin tones!


Milani strobelight is a medium illuminator and you can actually build the glow, meaning, you can build it up to be extra gleaming! It is very natural if you use a light touch and one swipe. Otherwise build that baby up for some extra glow!

My #2 at the moment is Becca Highlighter, which can be found at Sephora and Ulta. It is a bit pricey but will last you forever and has a wide range of colors of all different skin tones. This is extremely pigmented but doesn’t have chunky glitter:

Becca Opal Highlighter

#3 another high end highlighter is the Celestial Highlighting Powder from Kevin Aucoin and is carried at Sephora. This comes in a great variety of colors. Amazing glow but again another highlighter that is not chunky but yet is buildable. This is by the late, great Kevin Aucoin who, to me, is an amazing inspiration for my inner makeup artist and for anyone who loves makeup. Check out his books for great makeup ideas! He was a true great professional!


Kevin Aucoin The Celestial Highlighting Powder in Candlelight at Sephora

#4 Is a newer highlight to me and I am loving it for an illuminator, not a high beam highlighter. It is also buildable. The Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter is available at Ulta. I received this in my Ipsy box which I am still loving (January Blog Post).

Urban Decay at Ulta Afterglow


#5 Is a tried and true highlighter that I love. It is so inexpensive! I also have this in my rotation. This is the NYX Illuminator, found at Ulta,  which also comes in quite a few darker colors and can be used as a blush! I love products that can do both… It is only$8.99 and it is currently buy one, get one 50% off! It stays on forever and is buildable.

Nyx at Ulta

So how should you apply highlighter and where?

I use a fan brush and use quick strokes, across both temples, down the bridge of the nose very lightly, under the brow bone, the inner corners of the eyes, at the highest point of the cheekbones, and on the top of the lip. if you don’t have a fan brush, use your fingertips! no brushes needed!

So highlighters aren’t that hard! I can’t wait to hear what highlighters everyone is using now!  Let us know in the comments section below what some your favorites are…until next time..

XOXO Melani, your makeup and product junkie 🙂



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