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Hi Readers!

As most of you know, I am a big lover if Instagram. I have a personal page (tara_mcvety) a business page ( and of course the blog page (sisinsuburbia). I try to post pics of people, places and things I think you all will find interesting.

I have certain pages that I am clearly obsessed with, but my newest obsession on Insta is the live videos! Have you watched any? There is some great stuff out there! I personally haven’t posted a live video yet but plan too! It’s a cool way to see your fav celebrity, motivational speaker, makeup artist, etc; in action and be part of the convo.

I have some favs of my own that I try to tune into. I have compiled a list of some of my fav people to watch and why as well as some of my fav pages to keep up with.

#1. builtuprealnice aka Coach Rob

Catch his live videos for some mid day motivation. This guy isn’t afraid to be himself. Long story short…he used to be a plus sized dude and now he’s not. He is far from the muscle headed, you see me now kind of guy. He is just simply motivating. check out his page and listen to some of his motivation

#2 behindthechair_com aka Behind The Chair

This is a hair lovers dream page. If you are interested in seeing the latest in hair trends, this is your place. The videos of the runway events at the cosmetology shows is great and they always caption with fun sayings (added bonus)

#3 newyork_instagram

This page posts all things New York!!! For those who know me, you know that this city has a place in my heart. It is my motivation, my inspiration and my favorite city in the world. If you feel the same way I do, check out their live videos to see what’s poppin in the city.

#4 chrissyteigen aka Chrissy Teigen (John Legend’s wife for those that live in a cave)

Yes, she is gorg. Yes, she is married to a superstar and yes she is a model. What you might not know is that she is freaking hilarious! She doesn’t take herself or her fab life all that seriously. It’s impossible to not find her fantastic. Check her out to see pics of her life in a very no holds barred fashion. (She literally posted pics of her stretch marks! Amen sister. Amen)

#5 rizwana_nawrin aka Rizzu

She is a personal blogger and her Insta videos are a MUST see if you like beauty, makeup and products!!! Her short tutorials are some of the most informative I have seen. She doesn’t just post a video of herself applying some hot, new eye shadow. She will let you know what brand and color she is using. Why does no one else do this?!! She gives her pros and cons when trying new products. Her page is a must see.

If you aren’t on Instagram yet, you must get on there pronto. You are missing out on some great stuff. I find it more informative than say Facebook where the only thing informative is your ability to stalk others. Check out the peeps mentioned above (and obvi go check out my pages). Let me know who your favs are and who you like to follow.

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