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It’s been awhile! Yoga…a SIS HG post…

Hi everyone! It’s Melani looking to discuss what’s been happening with me (working like a dog), but also to talk to you about taking care of yourself or a great gift for others….and hint (by the title of course) it’s not makeup, well until next week lol!

So…for those of you who don’t know I teach (in addition to my full time gig) every fall! I love it…nothing like imparting my passion for nursing on about 12 students in the fall, every fall! Thus busy and stressed 🙁  So to combat the stress….. (insert apology for not blogging here) (I’m sorry) I have taken up being a student myself…a student of Yoga. I love exercise. Well…..Correction, I hate it while I am doing it but love it afterward! Kind of like doing my eyebrows or blending eyeshadow. Always a lot of work but if you put the effort and time in, the end point is fabulous! So I bought a Groupon in August for a Yoga studio in New Haven and an online class program, the Yoga Collective.

I have a history with Yoga. I have taken all kinds of Yoga:  gentle, advanced, hot yoga..and my favorite part of it is laying down at the end! I know for a fact that anyone who takes Yoga will tell you the same thing!!! Lol! In the past I have gone to Yoga retreats to distress. It had been awhile. In July I went on a girls weekend to Kripalu in the Berkshires, a Yoga retreat center…the Yoga at Kripalu is very mindful. It lit a fire in me to relax! A definite awareness to not push myself to run 10 miles or overstretch myself like a Yoga expert but being aware and doing things with mindfulness….which to me=stress reduction and self care. In fact, with my busy schedule, I actually crave it! sounds hokey I know but honestly it actually works!

A great way to start is to purchase a 30 day membership at an area Yoga studio and begin with a beginner’s class. In fact, most towns have beginner’s classes at a community area for relatively cheap or even free! When I first walked into a Yoga class long ago I was so overwhelmed. And it certainly was NOT a beginner’s class. My body would not do anything including relax or breathe! 🙂 Does it have to be a struggle? or painful? or not enjoyable? NO! NO! NO! not at all! I go to relax and loosen up 🙂 which makes me laugh at myself just like last week when I was looking at an entire room of 50 people because I did the pose wrong and ended up in the opposite direction… oh well! and when I couldn’t reach my toes (sometimes I can’t) but I laugh, I stretch and I go for it!!! Ok so here are my top 5 places around New Haven for Yoga……

  1. Breathing Room Yoga….. there are always special rates going on and if you purchase a 10 class card after your initial month it is approximately $13.50 per class….and there are free classes all the time!the only drawback is making sure you show up early to get a parking spot. otherwise it is my favorite area place. there is always a class that works for me…if I don’t feel like dripping sweat onto my TJ Maxx $7 yoga mat then I take a gentle class. oh and there are yoga mats there! and aromatherapy!!!! the teachers are amazing! that old Rolling Stones song…you can’t always get what you want but you get what you need? that totally applies here! I want to look like a skinny yoga expert who can bend like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix but mostly I am sweating and grunting through things and the wardrobe malfunctions? OMG :(….. I could go on but you get the idea!!! Has a Groupon right now by the way!
3 Weeks for $30…..
Um??? No???? 🙁 this is not me by the way

2. Raven’s Wing Yoga in Branford…same concept, less classes, great teachers….classes are maybe 50 cents more each….Tara and I went here a few times and it is close or as close to me as Breathing Room….. free parking…..really very similar so try both! In fact, you can try three of my Holy Grails for around $30 for one month and then decide….

3. Fresh Yoga in New Haven which is the same concept as the first two…similar pricing……, right now has a Groupon

4. Your Community Yoga in Hamden, again same concept….

5. Community town yoga….check in with your local library!

For a Yoga getaway….I love Kripalu, expensive but totally worth it!

And another great way to start is online classes…the Yoga Collective, also on Groupon right now and  has classes for 20 or 60 minutes for all levels…. paid about 10$ or less for a year!

Ok so now that you have a great space to relax…here is a website for the best yoga clothes you have ever had! or worked out in! If you want to actually try on stuff and you are in the area I suggest going to the actual store at West Farms Mall and shopping the Mark Down rack (do not call it sale!) The going rate for a pair of pants is 99$ but I can tell you that they are worth every dang penny! Every. single. one.

In fact my sister has one pair that has lasted 5 years!!! what workout pants last that long? I have Under Armour that craps out after 6 months! that’s $30 I will never see again :(….Don’t judge but check out the markdowns….;en-US-JSON;women;features;we-made-too-much

Yes I know, Lululemon, yup! but you truly do get what you pay for!!!

Ok get out there Dear Readers and enjoy your time on the mat during this nutty busy season…please let me know what works! comment and question! I can’t wait to hear from you! Until next time………







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