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If you follow our Instagram page (at sisinsurbia), you know we  just got back from vacation. Melani and I spent the last week in Mexico. It was freaking awesome to get the hell out of CT for awhile. I truly had a great time. This was my 6th trip across the border to Mexico. It is one of my favorite vacation places. We celebrated Melani’s birthday and my husband’s birthday while we where there. What better way to celebrate?!

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I have to say that coming back to the real world of people, appointments and a killer work schedule has been rough!! I got used to doing nothing but snorkeling all day. I have been trying to sit and blog about our trip for a week now. I can’t seem to be able to sit and write. Writers block maybe? One thing I have been into keeping up with is our Instagram page. I am loving all the new followers and making new connections. It is like telling a story with a photo. I have some fun stuff coming up in October and will be sure to take pics!

Back to our Mexican fiesta. We stayed at a resort called #ElDoradoSeasideSuites. Check them out at We stayed in the Riviera Maya. If you like peace and quite this is the place for you. Our room was beautiful. We had a pool off our balcony, a Jacuzzi in our bathroom and the largest rainfall shower I have been in. It was very relaxing. Ever day I got to lay in the sun and snorkel with my best friend. We ate breakfast together every day, we saw a mariachi band, we collected seashells, and drank tamarindo margaritas. It was heaven. Impressively Melani still managed to not eat meat. There where options that she could choose from being a vegetarian. There where also gluten free options for those who have a gluten allergy. The food was very good but the portions where small. It was more gourmet food…meaning quality not quantity. 14271999_620832831411859_67004930_n14272102_1767586486791861_1141482232876105728_n14272187_176585729446345_219841928_n

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The weather was great almost every day we where there except one. We had a beach butler that reserved us our beach beds daily. He brought us towels, snacks and drinks. It was an awesome addition. It made life very easy when you don’t have to worry about finding a place on the beach every day and then plunking down your crap in the sand. Lugging towels, etc: Truly a great luxury. We also had butlers for the week. Another helpful addition. They would make our dining reservations for us, help us wit travel arrangements and pretty much anything else we needed or wanted. They even went and got my husband Pepsi when all the resort offered was Coke. 14272236_1806307296248302_1540238538_n 14280549_1099613090074046_1952743626_n 14310657_1757864987801907_1049643368_n









We saw a Cirque Du Soleil show. I am a HUGE fan of #Cirque. I have seen a few shows in #Vegas and in #Orlando. This was an awesome experience. In this theater there where no bad seats. We had a small intimate table with champagne and snacks. If you are planning a trip to the Riviera Maya anytime soon, definitely check out the show. 14288055_1335935509759024_5659408535411228672_n 14295583_1075598115851615_4049893932354502656_n 14309817_1267538209952761_3551731808246693888_n 14309875_1067042093410495_6386246585352716288_n









Looking at these pictures reminds me that I am blessed to lead the life I live. It is so easy to just take life for granted and go about your daily crap. I sometimes forget how blessed I am. Not lucky…but blessed. If you have never had the opportunity to go away with your best friend, I suggest planning a trip! It is literally good for your soul. If you can’t get to Mexico look local. Niagra Falls Canada has some unbeatable deals and is a car ride away!

14295615_1905757279651795_1205960310_nAs always thanks for reading!! Next weekend Mel and I are headed to a runway show in NYC!! We will post pics to our Instagram page 🙂

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