My 2017 memories

Hi Readers!! This is my 1st post of 2018! I have a ton of ideas about what I want to write about this year. It was hard to decide what to start with. Last year was filled with some awesome experiences for me. I traveled and saw some incredible places.

My year in review (the quick version and the fun parts)….I left out the not so exciting months 🙂

February – Went to Vegas. Got to meet Judge Jeanine Pirro who is an amazing and inspiring woman. I also got to shoot machine guns in the desert that trip! I thought I was so cool! It was a great time! I shot guns I didn’t think I had the nerve to shoot 



March – I went to the opera at the Met Opera House at Lincoln Center in NY! It was my 1st opera and I loved it!

April – My husband and I were extras in a movie called Saving Christmas! It was so much fun!!

July – I went to Orlando and hung out with some friends! I also got to meet Wynonna Judd! She sang at a private lunch! of can see a short video of her singing on my personal IG account here

August – I decided to design and shoot an entire photo shoot at my grandmothers house! I love to take pictures and am gaining confidence all the time in my pictures. This was the 1st shoot I took and edited my own photos. You can see the pic on my IG account

September – I went to Italy for 2 weeks! I saw 9 places in those 2 weeks including going to the International Hair Show in Rome! The pictures are amazing! If you love Italy go look at all my pics on my IG


October and November – Halloween is my favorite time of year and it wouldn’t have been complete without doing a Halloween photo shoot! I did one shoot at my grandmothers house and another in the old Taft Ballroom under a bar in New Haven!! It was incredible! 

It was a super busy year ending with a dinner with my husband, my parents and lifelong friends for New Years Eve.

As you can see I have been busy! This in part is why I have let blogging get away from me. I do promise to take back some time for me and write more this year. I have some great stuff planned for 2018. In the past I used to go into the new year saying I hope this year is better. In the past few years I now say, this past year has been great and I can’t wait for another awesome year!  After all, life is what you make it!

xoxo, Tara

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