New Orleans, Mississippi and Beignets

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For those of you who know me or follow me on Facebook, you know that I went on a work-cation and am now back in CT. I absolutely meant to write all about the trip while on it, and of course the minute I got home,  but in all honesty I just wanted to relax. Now that I am back and in my normal routine I will tell you all about it.

My husband as you all now owns a bail bond company. This year he decided to go to an annual conference for professional bail bondsmen. It was being held in Mississippi.  He wanted me to go with him. At first I was like…..Mississippi…in July?! Umm, no. Then he came out with how we would fly into New Orleans and how my dream of eating beignets  at Cafe Du Monde could be a reality. I was sold.

We flew into New Orleans and rented a car. Driving through the streets was a great way to see everything quickly. I will say it was not at all what I expected. Everyone told me that I would love this city and how great it is. It was…..ok. I am not into drinking a shit ton of booze and I think that’s a BIG thing there. There is no appeal in being able to walk down the street with an obnoxiously large frozen alcoholic beverage. The main thing here for me was the food. (Of course……#fatgirlstatus) I have wanted to go to the famous Cafe Du Monde and eat beignets for…well,  forever. The minute you walk down the street in the infamous French Quarter you can smell the amazing food. Spices will overload your senses here. It is truly awesome. If you have never been to New Orleans and love GOOD food, go visit. I will definitely go back. I will probably spend no more than say 3 days here, but that’s all you need. There is more to do than just eat and drink. This city is rich in history. So much so, you can just feel the history unfold around you. The cemeteries are huge and spectacular. The above ground tombs are beautiful. These types of cemeteries are known as  “cities of the dead”. They are a must see!!!

***I should add here that if you are into super clean, high end restaurants…..this is NOT your place. Most of these restaurants are open air ( no windows) or are like little hole in the wall places. I personally have a bad case of OCD and have been known to use rubbing alcohol as counter cleaner. For me, it was dirty. I even took a pic of the floor at Cafe Du Monde to show my mom how dirty it was. Yes, I am a bit much and yes, not many other people would care or notice but it was shocking to me****

After the day in New Orleans we got in the car and headed an hour or so to Biloxi, Mississippi. This is where the conference was being held. On the drive into Mississippi  the one thing I noticed (being an east coast girl) is how flat the land is! You can see for miles and miles. The other thing is that every damn day the sky gets black as night and lightening and thunder roll in. The lightening literally looks like the lightening in the last scene of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie where he kills Voldemort! It is crazy!! I am not used to that. Other than that….there is nothing exciting about Biloxi. The food….ehh. The hotels while nice where nothing you can’t see anywhere else. The beach was nice looking but the Gulf is so polluted over there, you can’t swim. So all in all I give it an ehh! The pit of the trip is the fact that everyone and everything moves at a snails pace. You will wait about 30 minutes in line to check into the hotel. You sometimes wait 5 minutes for an elevator. You will definitely wait 25 minutes for valet  I know some people find that normal. Some people even find that pace relaxing. It gives me anxiety. I was crawling out of my skin waiting for an elevator.

***I should add though that I am the kind of gal that can’t stand silence. I can’t sleep without noise and NYC is relaxing to me.***

The peak of this trip was obvi getting to spend time with my husband Joe, as we work like Malaysian children in a factory. We work constantly and don’t get a lot of quality time. The next best thing was meeting all kinds of great people. I made some new friends. I got to hang out with some of the nicest people I have met in awhile. The best thing was really just getting the hell out of CT, see a new place and try new things. Traveling is one of my fav things to do in life. Don’t wait to go somewhere. Book a flight and GO!!!!!

New Orleans, Decatur St, French Quarter
Biloxi, Mississippi (Right outside a cool little French restaurant across fro the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino)
No caption needed but…..the famous Cafe Du Monde Beignets
There are all kinds of little side alleyways and streets in the French Quarter with cool stuff to look at
There is always someone playing music in New Orleans in the French Quarter. It may be a random marching band or just a man sitting there playing the sax
Again, just a random little alleyway in the French Quarter
Joe and I hanging out at a cabana by the pool in Biloxi
A view of my fav city coming back home #NYC


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