New Sister Alert!

Hi Readers!

I’m Lindsay. I have been friends with Tara for years and am an avid reader of her blog. I have always wanted to get involved, but just wasn’t sure how. When Tara and I met, I was a stay at home mom of an amazing baby girl, Dallas Rose. Before Dallas was born I loved to shop. I mean who doesn’t? Retail shopping was my therapy! Paying full price didn’t matter really. My closet was filled with amazing clothes, shoes and handbags! Not to mention a huge beauty arsenal of top shelf make-up.

After having Dallas, after leaving a career I had have for over fifteen years, life was different. Not in a bad way, but my wants were now not important. She came first. Not only her needs, but her style too!  I found myself mentally just becoming more frugal. Picking up a pair of Seven for Mankind jeans at Nordstrom’s and looking at the price tag of $128 made me stop and think. How bad did I need them? For a while I was the definition of the stay-at-home mom. Yoga pants, t-shirts, sneakers…OH!, and let’s not forget the messy hair bun and no makeup.

When Dallas turned two, I had became a single mom. I reached out to Tara, offering to help at her busy salon, until I found a full time position. I was beyond excited when she said yes! I was also looking in my closet like, uh oh! I literally had nothing to wear. Working at the Salon I had to look the part. Hair, clothes, accessories and makeup. I was the first person everyone was going to see.

That’s when I realized there has to be a way to look good, get the styles but pay less. I have made it my mission to find deals on the things I love. I finally approached Tara and said do you think people would be interested in the deals I find? She said “of course.” She wanted her blog to reach everyone.

So here I am! Full time working mom of a three year old (threenager) trying to find the best for less! I plan to regularly post different deals I find. I look forward to you, the readers input, as to what deals your looking for, as well as what deals you use from my posts!

Keep your eye out for more posts from me soon, Lindsay

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