New stuff. Things I am over. Helping others. My angry face?

Hi Readers!!!!

It’s freaking cold. Not freezing but close. It came out  of nowhere this year!! I am not a fan. What I am a fan of is everything else this time of year. I love going and getting pumpkins and apple cider and all that other happy fall crap. I am also a fan of some new stuff I tried this year. Just in time for Christmas (hint, hint) I want to tell you about some new discoveries I made!!

Being that I am a hair stylist let’s start with hair products and shampoo/conditioner…..I have discovered Macadamia Professional products this year. I am a huge fan of their shampoo and conditioner. If you are looking for some stuff that works amazing well and is a professional product that won’t strip all your color out of your hair…check it out. The good news is that it’s holiday season so my salon Shaer Envy (shameless plug) is selling this stuff in sets with a bonus of a free conditioning mask for only $38!! Come and grab it for a great gift idea!!macadamia-products

My other hair obsession is  Whip Cream by Milk_Shake. It is a leave in conditioning foam. It is legit like nothing you have used. It is my new “GO TO” product for my clients and personal use. It will not weigh your hair down and makes hair incredibly soft. This is a product you will want to have!!!! Ask for details and again…I sell this at my salon too 🙂


My next new fav thing is Herbviore MoonFruit Super Fruit. It is the Rolls Royce of skin moisturizer. It is around $58 and will last you a long ass time. It smells amazing and will transform your skin. My face feels so soft!! You can order this stuff online at or at http://www.sephora.comherbivore_moonfruit_webready_005_grande

My next discovery is Shady Rays sunglasses.They are an unbeatable price at $45, and they always offer free replacement when Lost or Broken (just pay S&H), (the strongest sunglasses warranty program in the world). They are all HD Polarized Lenses and are Ultra-thin lenses for extreme visibility while also Shatterproof. Best part..yours truly has partnered with them and become a brand ambassador!! That means that I have a discount code to get 25% off these gems. If you log oin and buy a pair…when in the checkout use code TARA25. If you LOVE them and want 2 pairs use code TARABEST and save $36. (That would mean you are literally almost getting a pair for free.) You can’t afford to not order a pair! (My personal fav is the aviators)


Go check this stuff out and I will share some more fab stuff in my next post. I don’t want to overwhelm you with a ton of crap because then you  won’t go check it out. What I do want to end with is some of the stuff I am way OVER this year….Starting with people wearing UGG slippers as shoes. THEY ARE NOT SHOES!!! If they where meant to be worn as a shoe they would not be called a damn slipper. Stop it people. Just stop. Go put shoes on.

I am also way OVER people buying hair products at TJ Maxx. It is most likely expired or not even what it claims to be. People will spend all kinds of money on getting their hair colored and then go use crap shampoo or discounted shampoo. Why not protect your investment?? Go buy your shampoo from your stylist. In the end you aren’t spending more. When your color fades in 2 weeks because of the shampoo you are using, chances are that your stylist isn’t going to “fix” that color at no cost because you didn’t heed their warning. You went and stripped out the color with crap shampoo. It makes a huge difference.

Lastly I am way OVER people not giving back to their community. I wasn’t going to write this or say anything about it, but it bothers me too much to not. In my business I am constantly giving discounts and deals for all kinds of things. I will do whatever I can to make my services affordable to everyone. I love that I can do this for people. I also give donations all year long to my clients children. I buy candles, pies, give out gift certificates like candy, etc; AGAIN…I love that I can do this. However….if you see me running a fundraiser for people that are less fortunate, and this fundraiser requires you to literally bring in a can of vegetables from your kitchen pantry… a sister out and bring in an item or 2. I am volunteering at the food pantry in my town. I have seen first hand that these people NEED the help. It blows my mind that I have had 3 people donate. THREE. It actually makes me angry. I have even decided to put the names of those who donate in a raffle and will give 2 winners in November and another 2 in December $100 gift certificates to my salon and still….THREE people have donated. So, for those that ask me when I am doing my next discount on salon services, or if I can donate a gift certificate to their event…..just remember this post. 2 major holidays are coming up. please..PLEASE come and donate. These people truly need the help and they are so appreciative of the help. I will be accepting donations for the North Branford Food Pantry through December. They always need things like paper towels, canned fruit, jar sauce, rice, pasta, cereal and even some holiday stuff like canned cranberries, stuffing, etc; I am also collecting for the Branford Clothing Bank. They need new socks and gently used coats, hats, gloves, scarves, towels and blankets. Again, I am accepting donations through December 19th at Shear Envy Salon at 193 Foxon Rd, North Branford.

Help me to help other people. Help me to not be angry about this. My angry face makes me wrinkle and I don’t want to wrinkle. Thanks in advance. Now go check out the products I told you about, buy some sunglasses and use my code and go search through your food and bring me some stuff!! xoxo, T


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