On eating out….and Thanksgiving with no meat?

Hi everyone! It’s Melani, one of the East Haven Housewives……I am excited to share a few vegetarian/vegan restaurant options in CT.

The first restaurant that I have been to recently with my BFF Tara is G Zen in Branford. This option is a little pricey, meaning dessert will run you about $10, but all menu choices are completely homemade and organic. G Zen is vegan meaning entirely plant based, no eggs, no cheese. My husband, a chef, would argue that no meat=no flavor, however, the choices are amazing and there is something for everyone. We have been there twice, both times for dinner during the week. They have a great Saturday brunch if that is more your speed. Tara had Shephard’s Pie and I had Raw Tacos. Both were amazing!

In fact the raw tacos are written up in Connecticut Magazine! Totally worth the trip if you are in the mood for organic, vegan fare in a quaint environment. If you aren’t up for going totally meatless, at least go for dessert! I would recommend the raw lemon lavender cheesecake, nothing like it and one would never know it is vegan. Or you can never go wrong with the chocolate cake!



The second restaurant is Claire’s Cornercopia on the corner of College and Chapel Streets in New Haven. Claire’s has been around since 1975 and the owner, Claire, has written 4 recipe books.  They have so many options for main dishes and for dessert. I had a hot yellow tofu curry and took home a great vegan chili with white beans. The menu changes every day. For dessert I had the Sunshine Cookie, an amazing cookie with an oatmeal base, sunflower seeds, cranberries, and cinnamon….so good! and the cupcakes! amazing! I had a vegan lemon cupcake with lemon frosting that I ate the next day. Of course just as G Zen does Claire’s also bakes everything homemade.

Worth the Trip!
Worth the Trip!

The third and last restaurant has also been around for awhile and is a little farther away but worth the drive. Carole Peck’s Good News Café in Southbury CT  is one of the oldest “Farm to Table” restaurants. Carole Peck is a whole foods chef and her restaurant has been open for over 20 years. The menu changes daily. I had a quinoa dish with a chocolate cupcake for dessert.  Again, there is a bakery on premises just like the other restaurants.  Although this is not primarily a vegetarian restaurant,  there are great choices for vegetarians and vegans. I was there in early October with a group of friends who enjoy all kinds of food. We had an array of meals around the table but for those of you who aren’t vegetarian, the Lobster Mac and Cheese looked amazing!

There are clearly some great plant based options on mostly every menu that I have come across so I have been able to eat out at most area restaurants. The three that I have shared are definitely the easiest places to eat out and have also given me some great ideas for meals myself!

I am headed to Dallas to see my brother and sister in law for Thanksgiving….I am so excited to use a few new recipes that I have recently learned, namely Sweet Potato Lasagna with cashew cheese and a great vegan pumpkin pie recipe…. Although I will be in the minority as a vegan I know it’ll be great company no matter what I’m eating! I am hoping to at least get everyone to try a few things….Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Next up some great gift ideas! I will be Black Friday Xmas shopping in Dallas but I have definitely already started and can’t wait to share what I’ve purchased…until next time….Thanks for reading and please comment on your meatless meals!

XOXO Melani





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