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One of us is a vegan…….

I’ve gone vegan ( well mostly)

Only six months ago I couldn’t eat enough meat. I’d been on the low carb kick for a few years…..we are talking ribs, pork, chicken, eggs, cheese and cream. I bought into the idea that carbs are the enemy.

For years I had been on weight watchers and lost my graduate school weight but was kind of stuck. Going low carb helped me lose a few more. Unfortunately I also ate convenience protein bars full of crap: Splenda, unpronounceable ingredients, and heavily processed protein. Even though I dropped a few pounds I was starting to feel like a toxic waste dump.

I really cleaned up my diet at the end of April and decided to stop using protein bars and whey protein as snacks. I completed the 21 day sugar detox and I felt great. I didn’t drop any weight but I definitely felt better not eating dairy or gluten.

So how did I end up thinking about veganism? Well I looked down at my plate and thought “If i eat one more piece of freaking chicken I’m going to cluck”

I put my fork down that day and thought “I’ll just try it for awhile to detox from the meat”……I haven’t eaten meat since June and what started as a healthy choice now has to do with so much more. All that being said I do the best I can. I have been known to eat pizza with mozzarella and totally enjoy it. I believe it’s important to focus on not eating meat. I also eat Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and they certainly don’t count as a protein source! 😜

Beans and greens for breakfast
Beans and greens for breakfast

Ok I digress….so….back to where I was….The animal aspects alone were enough to make a believer out of me….if you are interested in more information you tube is a great resource however please do not go looking for animal videos because you will find them! I found a few and the negativity is nooooo good! Don’t do it! If you are interested in recipes, resources, etc. please check out,,, whole foods free app, the Happy Cow app to find area vegetarian options, and of course Instagram #sisinsuburbia for great meal ideas and more info. Even if you commit to one night of meatless eating per week you’ve saved quite a few cows over the course of a year.

So where am I now? No dairy or gluten in my diet most of the time. I still eat fish once in awhile but it’s not my first choice. I feel great! My skin is clearer and I feel much less tired and sluggish. I avoid processed foods and have found some amazing restaurants and rediscovered a few oldies. I also do a lot of cooking and planning but it is sooooo much easier than years ago. And we are so lucky to live in the USA where there are great options! Like black bean pasta! (Explore Asian at whole foods and your local healthfood store) 25 grams of protein per serving for the protein lovers out there….and YouTube! What a great resource for recipes etc!!! Just watch out for the animal cruelty vids. We are all smart adults and we know what goes on.

I have not turned into the food police. I still looove to eat out. I’m still learning about these choices daily and will continue to share info and ideas. I may joke with my peeps about what they eat but I want to give everyone options not limitations. Feel free to check out our Instagram for more info and check back here for some great restaurant reviews for everyone’s tastes. Bye for now and Happy Eating!

What my husband is saying lol
What my husband is saying lol




  • Gina

    Thank you, my friend! As you know, I didn’t necessarily go veg for health reasons, but I do feel healthier! And I find that if I practice moderation, I don’t gain weight, even with eating more carbs! I DID do it for the animals and the earth. I hate calling myself human while we still think it is acceptable to torture and kill other sentient beings for food (and whatever other reasons) when we have so many more options now. We are SO disconnected from the process of how our food gets to our plates. I don’t wish to be the “food police” either, but I do believe that we all should have to at least WATCH how animals are treated and killed (if not participate in the process!) if we are going to eat them! If we are okay with it, fine. But no more disconnecting.

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