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So…after seeing 50 Shades of Grey with Shauna last week I was hell bent on doing a post about it and I will. As we have some definite opinions about what we saw. (Insert puke face here) BUT, I went to the beauty supply store the other day (#ShearEnvy) (#ADD Brain) and let me tell you…I have not been this excited in a long time for new beauty supplies. There is some freaking awesome stuff coming out! I felt it was my duty to educate all of my readers about these beauty MUST HAVES. So, sorry Mr.Grey but you will have to wait.

Before I start, I want to add that anyone who knows me, knows that if I am this excited about shampoo and products, they must be magic because I tend to keep it real when it comes to dropping hard earned dollars on supplies. If there is a $2.00 bottle of wizardly shampoo at Costco that I think is wonderful….I will let you know. If there is a $200.00 bottle of shampoo that I think could move mountains I would let you know about that as well. (It literally would have to move a mountain for me to spend that much) My point…even though I own a mobile salon, don’t get it twisted…I do not receive any commission off what I write about or what I sell to you. I tell you where to buy the products yourself and if there is a product you can only get through a beauty professional, I give you the opportunity to get it from me. I am not a store front like an Ulta or Sephora so I can sell you the products at a cheaper price. I also am local to all my CT people for the most part and do not have to charge shipping like internet suppliers. I don’t want anyone to think…”OMG she is totally trying to sell shampoo and hair stuff through her blog”.  If you think that, you A: Don’t know me, B: Are someone I don’t want to know and C: Are dumb…go kick rocks. I just want it to be known that you don’t have to go through a salon and pay a mark up of 50% to get a good product. That being said…..

I want to start with shampoo….I have worked in the shoreline area of CT for years now and one of the big problems my clients have faced is well water. All my highlighted ladies have had there blonde locks turn rust colored or even green. Most have had a water purifying or softening system placed on their homes to help combat their water problems, but trace minerals and chlorine are still there. In my quest of never drinking tap water, I have come to realize that not only is well water an issue, so is tap water! These minerals and chlorine cause havoc on your hair and hair color. They literally suck the health and color from your mane. Why no one has made a shampoo you can use daily to rid hair of this stuff….that works….until now……I don’t understand. THANK GOD someone wised up! With that I introduce KERACOLOR. This company designed a shampoo with those pesky water issues in mind. In one of my last posts I wrote about how the shampoo of the future is no lather. I also wrote about all the benefits of not having lots of lather and why it is a must have for anyone with dry, chemical or color treated hair. KERCOLOR created a masterpiece. It is called Clenditioner. It is a cleanser and conditioner in one. Ladies, this will help not only with the condition of your hair but, for all of you that tell me your color fades after 2 weeks…..this helps. Now for all of you that have no faith that a 2 in 1 can detangle or condition your hair, they have also introduced something called Purify Plus. This is a version of a leave in conditioner. The slogan on this states “Why are we rinsing expensive conditioner down the drain every time we wash our hair?”……….what a good question. I was recently lucky enough to get my hands on samples of this stuff and I will say my clients hair and my own hair was left shiny, conditioned and soft immediately after using it. If you are interested in these products they can be purchased on Amazon or I can get them for you. They retail for around $25 for the Clenditioner and $20 for the Purify Plus. You can read more about them at I have to note that my FAVORITE no lather (notice the trend) shampoo for 2015 thus far is by Matrix and is Biolage Cleansing Conditioner. 16.9 oz sized bottles retail at Ulta ($26), Amazon($24) or again through me($18). I currently have about 20 clients using it faithfully and over the last month it has made a huge difference in their color NOT fading.shampoo blog shampoo blog #2

My next new love is colored dry shampoo!! I have had an age old love for wigs and hair extensions since I first started doing hair 19 years ago. If you have never worn extensions you may not now that you can’t wash your hair everyday while sporting these locks. Every 3 days is ideal. I should add that anyone washing their hair daily is doing a great injustice to their hair. It is a fact that shampooing daily harms your hair more so than helps. I know that some of you have a look of horror on your face right now and are reading this and saying to yourselves…..but I have to wash it every day. No. No you don’t. Go get dry shampoo!!!!!!! This is gold in a spray bottle. Instead of washing, spray some of this on your roots to refresh. The natural tapioca starch in my fav by AG Hair, will dry up any oils and leave you looking great. I will say that there are many brands of dry shampoo and as much as I love them, they all have one issue…..they leave a white powder effect on the hair. It is the biggest issue with using dry shampoo. Lucky for us, AG Hair has addressed this problem. They have introduced colored dry shampoo!!!!! Genius! (This is why they are my fav) Someone over there is a total smarty pants and we can now use this dry stuff to not only refresh but to refresh our hair color! It comes in Brunette, Blonde and Light Brown so there is something for everyone. My ladies who are always looking for a root cover up…here it is! By using this not only are we saving our color by not shampooing every day but we also have a root cover up! I am so excited can you tell??!! You can get this on Amazon ($25 pre shipping) and of course through me($20). Ulta has yet to have this nor does Sephora.Ag_Dry_Shampoo_Color_Match_4_Different_Colors_4.2oz__30780.1425185201.220.290

Next up is for the woman or man with thinning hair In the last few years the amount of women telling me that they are loosing hair or their hair is thin is astounding. Now I don’t know if we are more stressed out as a society causing us to loose hair, or if it is what we are eating…or if it’s just us being dramatic. Either way it’s an issue. For awhile now drugstores have sold Rogaine. This is not something we ever sold in salon or backed as a great product. I don’t know much about it nor do I know if it really works. I did work for the Hair Club company briefly and I do know that they have a program for thinning hair that uses minoxidil and yes it does work. This program however, is expensive. Not everyone can afford it. In comes a new solution. The company Nioxin has been in the practice of retaining hair for awhile now. It does not claim to regrow lost hair but does aid in preventing shedding that causes the hair to appear thin. In my personal opinion this company has been around for awhile and yes, it does do what it says it is supposed to do but they haven’t changed or come out with a new product in some time. UNTIL NOW!!!!! So excited!!!! They have just rolled out Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment. This is literally THE way to maintain your hair , prevent thinning and regrow some hair. Finally a professional strength minoxidil that we as hairstylists can have faith in. This product comes in an xtra strength as well and even has a version for men. I have not yet seen this on Amazon, Ulta or Sephora. It is new to the beauty supply store I get my goodies at, but I can get it there if anyone is interested. I would have to check for pricing.nioxin-01

Up next, are all the Spring nail polish colors that are emerging!!! My fav polish by CND has introduced their Vinylux Garden Muse collection. I love this because it makes me think Spring and WARM every time I see it.  Even though I have yet to see a patch of grass in my backyard, I am dying to paint my nails some bright colors!! This collection doesn’t disappoint. Instead of the usual, boring, pastel spring colors, CND has rolled out some bold blue, purple and pink colors. My other nail obsession is the OPI Hawaii collection!!!! OPI has not impressed me in their last few collections, until I saw this!!  They have come up with some kick ass colors. There are 12 colors to choose from and they have covered pastel, bright and even some dark choices. My fav..the new yellow called…Pineapples have peelings to. Now how the heck could you NOT love something with that name?!!!!!! I know that Ulta has these polishes and that they sell for around $9.50 for the OPI and $10.50 for the CND. I can always get you these colors as well for around $7.00. I am unsure if Amazon has them at this time.cnd-vinylux-garden-muse-summer-2015OPI_H

I hope you check out some of this cool new stuff. If you do, please let us know what ya get and how ya like it! Also, if you have recently purchased a new beauty product that you feel is fab…let us know!!!! We obvi love a new product. In closing, I am again stating that all opinions are my own and don’t forget to click on the ads, as they help keep this dream alive! Oh!!! And for god’s sake…..spring has sprung. Go get a new haircut or hair color or even a splashy manicure!! Celebrate the snow melting #DieWinterDieWhy-is-it-still-winter-in-Sweden



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