Silver Fox

Let’s talk hair trends! I have been completely bored with myself lately. Now that I think spring finally sprang, I need to ditch my winter look. By “winter look” I mean 30 pounds, dry and pasty skin and my plain old hair color. I already had a “moment” and cut my hair off a few months back, so aside from getting botox and some juvederm, coloring my hair and getting a spray tan will have to suffice. ( For now….)

I have been hemming and hawing about this seasons new hair color trends. I have really dark hair so let’s face it…Kim K’s white blonde is out of the question. However, just putting in some lighter highlights isn’t satisfying to me. I recently saw some celebs rocking the dark to silver ombre hair. I know. Who the hell wants to go silver,aka grey if they don’t  have to. Here’s the thing…it’s not that grey that grows out of your head all crazy like, it’s actually silver!  (#NotYourGrannysGrey) So far I have been loving what I have been seeing. What do you all think???

grey ombre #3


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