Tales From Behind The Chair……Confessions From A Hairstylist Chapter 3

Before I divulge more of my hair wisdom, I need to apologize for taking so damn long to write it! I have a shit ton of excuses. First and foremost….I have been actively working on my tan. I know, I know…..What kind of an excuse is that. I am blessed to have an incredible backyard with a great pool and I literally try and spend any possible minute out there that I can. Not a good excuse, but it’s honest. Second, I started a new line of work in addition to be a super stylist. I am now also a bail bondsman. No. I am not lying. I can imagine what you are thinking! Hair stylist to bail bondsman?! Let me explain. My husband owns a bail bond company called Joey Bond Bail Bonds. Being the good wifey I am, I figure I should know how his business works for any emergency circumstances. So, I went and took a class, passed a state test and got a license. I have actually bonded people out of jail this past month. (Random I know) So, that is why I have not had any time to drop my hair knowledge.

But, here I am and here goes! Chapter 3…. “Is all shampoo created equal?”

Very easy answer. NO. Not all shampoo is the equal. Let’s start with the chemical makeup. When reading an ingredient list, you should know that the first element you see is going to be the most predominate. In the case of shampoo, you will usually see water first on the list. This will mean that your shampoo is going to be mostly made of water. (Go check…..its water) Second and third you will see Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate. Both of these share the word sodium. Sodium is salt. This means that both are derivatives of salt. They also are both cleaning agents that bind readily to water and hydrophobic molecules.  Why is this bad you ask…Well, salt is an exfoliate. Think of salt scrubs and salt water. Both are great at cleaning and exfoliation. They are also drying. (Think of your skin after a day at the beach in and out of the ocean) So, that hair color you just had to cover that grey or to make that mousy brown look chocolate colored is literally being stripped out of your hair with every wash. Why would a shampoo company do such a thing you ask? Well, remember that first ingredient water? They need to thicken the watery substance and then make it lather. Most people attribute suds with clean. Hence, sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulphates…it’s what they do.

Did you go get your bottle yet? Is this not the craziest thing?! This is a bottle of Pantene from the grocery storePantene-Aqua-Light-ShampooThis is a bottle of TiGi Shampoo that your salon sellstigi shampooAs you can see, not much difference.

The only shampoo that is truly and completely sulfate free is a shampoo that does not lather. My favorite is Matrix Biolage  Cleansing Conditioner. biolage(Side note…it will not keep your grey from growing in grey. If your hair is predominantly grey and you color it, you will see a 1/4 inch of grey 2 weeks from coloring. Shampoo that is no lather will however help with your color fading out and from drying out)

I should add that the Pureology company makes a sulfate free shampoo that does lather. However this is in its own category. The man that created this, is a chemist. He created a way to use all natural elements instead of using chemicals to create a shampoo. This is why their product is Vegan and all natural. This is absolutely a phenomenal product and if you have never used it….go try it. Go on Amazon, look it up and treat your hair. Yes, it is expensive but well worth the price tag.Pur_Haircare_Hero_960x286.sflbAnother thing to be aware of is the company that markets a sulfate free conditioner. This is true…it is sulfate free. Know why…..because conditioner doesn’t lather. EVERY conditioner is sulfate free. This is a marketing ploy. lorealIn closing (Yes this is where I expose your salon as a crook), I want to add that I have had an issue in 2 places I have worked with this. I am not a liar. I do not talk up products I don’t believe in. If I truly think it’s wonderful, I will let you know. Your salon will have at least 2 different brands of shampoo they will try and sell you. (Know there is more than a 50% MARK UP on anything sitting on that salon shelf. You can get it cheaper.) Now, if that shampoo is not a suds-less product or is not Pureology….it is going to be unsafe for your color. There is no way around it. How can your stylist tell you that you NEED their shampoo and conditioner if it is sulfate ridden?! How can they say don’t go to the grocery store and buy shampoo if the product they are hawking is made the same way as the stuff they call crap? Answer: They are either uneducated or they are told in their monthly meeting to sell, sell, sell. They could give a shit less if it scrubs out your color because you will come right back once it fades and pay them to color it again. (See the cycle) I used to hate those salon meetings. You would be called out in front of everyone you worked with and would be shown a piece of paper with everything you sold for the month. If the owner thought you didn’t sell enough per client, you were pretty much made to feel like you were not doing your job. I like to call it greed. The salon owners need to pay for all that stuff sitting on the shelf (and of course make a little something for themselves). We did not get a cut off the things we sold. We were just supposed to sell it. I was made to feel as though I was wrong for not trying to rip off my clients.

Bottom line…………….Read the back of the bottles. If you color your hair, the shampoo you use makes a HUGE difference in keeping your color from fading. If you don’t color your hair, it doesn’t really matter what you are using as long as your hair isn’t drying out. If you have any questions, please just ask. If you want to know what you should use and need help…ask! Please note I am not trying to bash all salons by writing this stuff. I am just being honest and want to show you that not everyone is spewing the truth. All I have written above I learned through educating myself. The opinions are my own but the knowledge came from educational seminars in California with the Pureology team.

Next chapter……Keratin Treatments and Formaldehyde!!

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