The bar in New Haven that is anything but Ordinary

Hi Readers!! So happy to say that the snow is gone and the weather has been warmer! Makes me so damn happy. I also am seeing it’s still light out at 5:30pm. Thank God! I had become a hermit. I can’t handle the dark and cold that comes with winter in New England. Now that things are a thawing, I have started to gradually leave the house again. In my travels I have discovered a new spot in New Haven for drinks and apps.

If you haven’t already been, you must try Ordinary on Chapel Street in New Haven. For my New Haven peeps, who remembers Richter’s on the Chapel?? Well, if you do, then you may already know that this cool, new bar has taken over. If not, you are going to want to check this place out.

When I walked in, I got a feeling of nostalgia. The dark wood and dim lightening created the ambiance of another time. It has a speak easy charm but re done in a modern way. If you look on their website at you can check out the history of the bar and see some pics of what used to be. You will look at the pics of the bar and see not much has changed. The website shows what the Taft bar room looked like back in 1912 and then again in 1935 after Prohibition. There is so much history in this place it’s like literally take a step back in time. You should go get on their website and read through the history section and look at the pics. Truly awesome.

As you head in the back room, you will see a giant fireplace and a large moose (possible moose…) head. Again keeping in theme with a feeling what’s old is new again. They have a bunch of tables back there where you can munch on some food and sit and chat over some drinks. Now when I say drinks, I mean hand crafted cocktails not some crap thrown in a glass. The highlight for me….they serve Fentiman’s. Now if you have never had a Fentiman’s, you live in the dark. It is not readily available which makes it’s allure that much stronger. It is delicious. Personal fav is the Dandelion and Burdock. This tastes (to me) like a light licorice tasting soda. Plus they are served in these really cool little glass bottles. If you are a gin drinker like myself, I recommend trying a Gin and Rose Lemonade Fentiman’s. 

Their menu changes frequently, but I notice that some staples are always there, such as candied freaking bacon. This is another MUST HAVE. I had a grilled cheese with candied bacon and was in heaven. Another phenomenal thing is that they serve giant chocolate chip cookies. You get 2 huge cookies sprinkled with sea salt and a shot of milk for only 7 bucks. P.S. they are served warm

As you can tell I am a huge fan of this place. From what I see and have heard they get involved in some cool events including have a tattoo artist come down and serve up some tattoos. They have a calendar on their site and I see they are offering some cool drink classes.

Manhattan Cocktail Class at Ordinary

March 5 @ 4:00 pm6:00 pm   $45.00 (Go on their site and click on this pic for class deets)
Just another cool thing Ordinary is bringing to New Haven.  While they are closed on Sundays, they have happy hour daily till 7.
Go check them out at 990 Chapel St
xoxo, Tara

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